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Monday, 26 April 2010

Busy days,early nights.....

We have been keeping busy here.I smiled as I wrote that:-) Busy for us is rarely full on - never have a minute-type busy. We have been out more days than we have been at home though and that is quite unusual.

Monday we had D over to play for a couple of hours in the afternoon while Millii and her Mum went for her sixth form college interview.She was very well prepared with a fab portfolio of her work.They didn't need to see that at this interview but at least she has it all ready and can now add more for the next interview:-)

Tuesday we went out in the morning to get some Dragons from McDonald's.Emily really enjoyed How to train your Dragon and we visited Mc D's for a meal last week but she had some money and wanted to get the dragons without the meal! My Mum and Dad came for lunch and then spent time with Emily whilst I had a snooze.I didn't intend to sleep. I meditated in the prone position and it left me so relaxed I was asleep before I knew it:-)
I have been feeling a bit low physically and emotionally.After eight months without a period I have had two and the hormonal swings have worn me out:-(

Wednesday was due to be a day at the Farm with the home ed group but as I was feeling so crappy we called it off and spent the day together at home.

Thursday was when things started to Ramp up a little:-)

We Picked Millii up to go Swimming at Keswick.They spent about an hour or so in the pool (while I read my book) and then had some time in the new play park which has some great new equipment.
(I took these pictures when Emily and I went last week.She has since had her hair chopped again and it is now a chin length bob)

We got back to Millii's so she could head of to her afternoon babysitting job and I had a cuppa and chatted with Maria while Emily and D played.
Back home to ours with Millii.A quick tea and then Millii and I went off to the Buddhist Meditation at 7.30-9.00. Back home and Millii had brought The Vampires assistant to watch.I wasn't going to stay up but it was a weird film that kind of grew on me:-) It was gone 12 before getting to bed...

 Friday we had a very leisurley start and after lunch we headed off to an appointment with our Homeopath.Millii waited in reception and when Emily had chatted with Dierdre for a while they headed off to do a little shopping and hang out in the park til I picked them up.Dropped Millii off at home and had more tea and Emily and D had more play:-)
Back home for food and I didn't really want to cook,so we set off with a picnic bag and bought fish and chips and sat near the sea to eat them.
Back again and just enough time to set up the dining room for a sleepover with A.She arrived at 8.30 after her swimming lesson and the two of them talked and played ate and laughed.I watched TV and went through at 12.15 to let them know I was going up.They lasted til 12.45 apparently:-)

Saturday and we had planned to go swimming with Millii again.A wasn't able to come and her Dad picked her up at 10 but Millii and Emily had a great time, in the pool for 2 hours ( I read my book ) and then onto the cinema to meet up with D to watch How to train your dragon.I did some shopping and read my book in the car filling in time.
I had a very early night on Saturday!!

Sunday and Emily's first time at a new Drama group.She was very nervous! Some time ago Millii had been talking about the new term when she was in the car with us.I had asked Emily if she wanted to go (thinking she would say no as she had in the past) she said yes!!
I wondered if she had just said yes because Millii was going.I think that was a big part,it would certainly help to have one of your best friends there:-) In all conversations we have had since that time she has not has second thoughts at all.

Emily is not a shy girl although she often is called shy.She does however get extremely anxious about new situations.We talked through how she was feeling and things she could do to help her cope.We talked about comfort zones.I talked about times when I have pushed myself even when I have been afraid and how I grew from those experiences.We talked about being in control of the situation and doing it because we wanted to and not because someone else wanted us to.I was so proud of her,she could have said "take me home" knowing I would have done,but she pushed herself and did it! She came out absolutely buzzing!

Home for lunch and a quick breather for Emily.I whizzed round with the vacuum and prepped some things for tea and then off again to her Riding lesson.When she started we had a few treks for the first couple of weeks and then she had her first lesson.I had booked a trek for this week because we had talked about it and she thought a lesson then a trek would work for her.She asked to change it for a lesson.She is stretching herself without any pressure from us at all.The lesson went well.The instructor was really pleased with the group and got them to do some different techniques at the end of the lesson.
Milly was very tired after the lesson and as we have some family commitments next weekend she is glad to have a breather! I have booked a trek at her request for the following week.She will still be learning on a trek but it will not be as intense as a lesson.Milly knows she can stop going at any stage,things can just go along at her pace.The most important thing is that she enjoys it...

Home for tea and another very early night for me!
Today was supposed to be a very gentle day with little to do but has not turned out that way!I am not going out to weightwatchers tonight and intend to have a long bath and an early night.The rest of the week is going to be another busy one:-)

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MillieMadHatter said...

So Milly still wants to come to Youth Theatre??

I really hope so :) And I hope Callum didn't intimidate her :L. IF we end up doing dualogues I can twist Tina around my little finger so hopefully we'll be able to write a dualogue together or use one from my Godchild screenplay - I bet Milly would love to be Cain :L I love writing my own - I get to dress up more :L

See you tomorrow xxx 11ish?? x