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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

One out of three ain't bad!!

Yesterday Emily found her Felicity Wishes dolls in one of the boxes in the dining room.She played with them for a while - dressing her in the bakers outfit - and then asked if we could bake.I said "yes we could make some cookies" and she looked through the Felicity Wishes magazines  for a recipe but wasn't able to find the one she wanted. When we went shopping I said I would get some eggs and we could make cookies or fairy cakes when we got home.She said " can we be a little more adventurous" I said " yes indeed what have you in mind ?" She chose to make a chocolate fudge cake.She loves the one Thornton's do at Sainsbury's and always has it for any special occasion and in fact any occasion that is not so special:-)

I saw a doughnut maker at Aldi yesterday and was tempted to buy it.

We set off today to do doughnuts,a chocolate cake and fudge to go on top of the cake.

I followed the instructions in the booklet for the doughnut mix and it was really runny,definitely didn't look right! After a failed attempt and adding more flour to make a thicker batter we tried three more times!! No luck,all came out flat/uncooked/rubbery:-(
Will have another go at making them, after talking to a friend who has one.

As we were making the batter and as Milly cracked the eggs she remembered eggy bread and decided she would like that for lunch, so that's what she had.

On to the fudge,I haven't made it for many years but it sounded easy.
Yeah well it didn't go to plan! Ended up with a strange consistency and a cross between toffee and fudge, it is very shiny and quite thin! It could well be because I added some double cream. We only had semi skimmed milk and I thought it would be better to be a bit creamier....Milly doesn't like it and Alan wasn't too keen either!

Finally onto the big one the chocolate cake...
Here it is in all it's fudgy yumminess:-)
(The pool of fudgy sauce doesn't look too appetising but it tastes just great)
We are taking it along to the Home ed group meet tomorrow to see if they can help us finish it off.

We had decided to try out the recipe to make a cake for my Nephews 14th birthday celebrations on Sunday.We will tweak the fudge recipe and try that again so we could add some to the top of the cake, but the cake is a success and we will make it on Saturday to take to my Mum's for the get together:-)


MillieMadHatter said...

Do you want me to help?? I love making fudge :G

We have a doughnut maker .. you have to tweak the recipe slightly.. the books useless. :L

K said...

Mmmm, I'm hungry now!

Michelle said...

must not read. must not read.

Anonymous said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

Natalya said...

What's a yummy post, Lynn! – am already looking for a chocolate cake recipe for tomorrow (usually my "baking" intensions end up buying a nice cake from Waitrose :-).
I hope you won't mind me joining your followers list. I just became a new Mum at 40 after a 21 year gap and would like to keep in touch with other Mums for inspiration and ideas.

Hannah said...

Did you have fun making it all though?
I've never done doughnuts but I've seen some baked doughnut recipes flying around recently - I don't have room for another kitchen gadget lol!
The cake looks really good :o)