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Saturday, 1 May 2010

My favourite soup recipe!

I love this soup,it is very low in fat (1 point on the weightwatchers plan), creamy,tasty,satisfying and a big point in it's favour is that it is so simple to make:-)

Squash red pepper and soft cheese soup.
This will make 4 good portions.

1 butternut squash diced and put into a roasting pan with one onion cut into quarters,1 red pepper,seeded and sliced,spray with oil and add a sprinkle of rosemary.Roast for around 35 minutes until you have some colour on the veg.

The original recipe calls for the onions to be softened first in a pan and then add the veg and stock and cook for 20/25 mins,I find roasting the veg gives it a deeper flavour but to save time the hob way still makes a nice soup.

Put it all into a large pan and add 2 pints of stock (I use a chicken stock cube but you could use vegetable).Bring to the boil and then simmer for around 20 minutes.
Add 100gm low fat soft cheese and blitz with a hand blender.I add some chilli flakes,but this is not essential.
 I like it with Kallo savoury rice cakes and have some houmous and crudites on the side. 

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