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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sketchy catch up!!

The start of the week was spent quietly at home.Not much to report on those days,we were kept busy but what we actually did has not left any lasting impression on me:-) I know we had lots of conversations on wide ranging issues (not at all unusual) but on this occasion I do remember thinking about purposive conversation again.

 Wednesday was the Home Ed group meet up at Maria's house. After everyone had gone we stayed on.Millie was coming for a sleepover to ours - while she went to her daily babysitting job - I whizzed into town to do a bit of shopping and Emily and D played.

Back home and the girls spent most of the evening doing their own thing - I think this involved planning a duologue that they would like to do at the Youth theatre.We went to bed around midnight and I then had to go in to ask them to stop chatting about 1.15! They were practising their duologue and Emily was performing her part with gusto:-))

Up and out - to travel to the pool - on Thursday.They were in the water for over 2 hours! Playing their games and swimming around the deep end.Only a brief stop for some food during that time.
We got back to Millie's so she could go off to do her babysitting job and Emily and D played while I chatted with M. A feeling of de ja vu this week as we took Millie back to ours for tea and then we went out to the Buddhist meditation course again.

Friday was back to pick up Millie and off to the pool again.We were joined by another couple of home ed families and they spent another 3 1/2 hours in the pool!
I had some company on the poolside and had an enjoyable time chatting.

Saturday involved housework and a long walk for Alan and Emily ( Emily has just read this and said she doesn't consider it a long walk! I think of an hours walk as a long walk!!) can't think of what else went on!Oh yes! We made the chocolate fudge cake to take to the party at my Mum's.

Sunday was Youth theatre again and Alan was taking Emily while I got some paperwork sorted and other bits and bobs done.
Milly had been very nervous the night before.She was tired (who would have guessed after all that activity!) and consequently less able to deal with the emotions.She isn't keen on the early start either! We have to leave around 9.15 and she likes a while to come round slowly, so wants to be up at least an hour before we go.She is worried about remembering lines mostly,she said she also feels embarrassed doing some of the activities as well.
She said that she didn't want to go.
Alan talked about how he felt when he first started Tai chi - how embarrassed he was - how far out of his comfort zone it was to be acting like a tree or some of the other moves:-)
We didn't try to push her into going but we did ask her to think hard about it.It would be a shame to give up without giving it time for the initial nerves to be overcome.

She got up the next morning in a positive frame of mind and went.She enjoyed it and as yet hasn't mentioned not going this week.I think we will just take it a week at a time and see how we go.

On to my Mum's,just in time to sit down for Roast beef and Yorkshire pudds.My mum's butcher supplies the best beef I have tasted, it was delicious. As we were eating Emily had said how delicious it was and after another few mouthfuls she said it was fabulous.My sister jokingly asked if she could come up with any more superlatives and Emily said stupendous!

We all had some chocolate cake(it was even better this time) and then sat around talking.Milly took my phone out and took a picture of my sister E .Then she took a close up of E's eye and went round the room taking close up pictures of all our eyes.She had devised a guessing game:-)
We had so much fun guessing whose eye the pictures were of.Seems as though it would be easy but it wasn't!Great game and lot's of laughter.
Here's the one I took of Emily's eye.

I made a mistake and got her hair in the shot.The ones she took were much harder to work out:-)

Monday had been earmarked for quite some time as a day off for me.Emily and Alan took Beauty off for a long walk up a big hill and I spent the day in bed!! I read and meditated and snoozed and read some more .I caught up on programmes on BBCi,4oD and ITV player.I really need these days every so often,completely switch off,not have to think about anything - no meals to plan and prepare - just relax....

Today the car was having it's MOT and a service so Emily and I got the bus into town to do a bit of shopping.I have only been well enough to drive again for a couple of years and when she was little she always used to love the bus ride,she still does :-)

Home ed group at the farm tomorrow.Must remember to take two changes of clothing for Emily.There's woodland and water, many opportunities for messy wet activities:-)


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凡是遇到困擾的問題,不要把它當作可怕的,討厭的,無奈的遭遇,而要把它當作歷練、訓練和幫助。 ..................................................

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Many a little makes a mickle.........................................

Mrs Boho said...

Hi Lynn, still very busy I see lol!

Just to let you know that we will be ceasing to serve the "Just Say No to the DCSF" button as from midday tomorrow (15 May 2010).

All the Best, Shirl x

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love your new profile.
thanks for joining our blogring x