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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I knew I would love it!!!

Living in a yurt that is :-)

It was foul weather when we got there.Our first view of the Yurt made us gulp a little! We knew it was sited on a slope but it looked very steep!!
It looked so small.We just couldn't see how we could all fit in,it had looked so much bigger on the website pics.However, we needn't of worried......it was Tardis like:-)

Milly got to have the double bed as it was a softer mattress and not too good for Al's back.

We had the two single beds.One was stored under the other and during the day we made a sofa by pulling the underneath one out slightly and filling with cushions and pillows.

There was a log burner to keep us toasty warm.

The weather may have thrown wind rain and snow at us but we were comfy and cosy.
Fab view from the door.We could see lake Windermere in the distance,this picture doesn't really do it justice,it was dark and tipping down! 

Very quiet neighbours:-)

We took ready made stew from home for the first couple of nights and it was an easy job to warm it up.

Up and down the hill to the loo was less so!Milly and Al on their way back up one night...I have to say, even though the first night washing up down there I had three layers on and rain blowing in,I really enjoyed it.I enjoyed the trudge back a little less! However I just kept stopping to admire the view and get my breath back.

This was our view for most of the time we were there.I had been looking forward to seeing the stars and eating and living outside.That was impossible for three days but it didn't detract from the enjoyment at all.

We walked, to Ambleside in the rain.We walked to Grassmere in the snow.
We loved every minute.

And on the last day the sun came out and we got to light the campfire, eat out and have a walk in the sunshine with my sister,brother in law and Nephew who had come to spend the day with us:-)

I also got to see the stars through the roof that night:-)

Holidays are often a hard time for Emily.She finds being away from home difficult.The whole idea of us camping is because she wanted an adventure.She was very excited the first afternoon and was desperate to see the Yurt.The journey was around an hour,so that was perfect for her.She enjoyed exploring and tree climbing and the adventure playground.She had all her special things(and a few more!!) with her. I always take incense to burn when we go away as she is sensitive to smells in places and it reminds her of home.So I had covered all bases to try to make it as easy a transition as possible for her.The first two nights she found it difficult to sleep which is quite usual on a holiday.She did a lot of walking and exploring and kept things together quite well.The four nights were just enough for her though,she was very very happy to get back home.The plans for future holidays are to go Mon-Fri instead of a full week and to stay within a couple of hours of home.

Within hours of being home I was on the phone to book again for later in the year:-)
I am also looking into a smaller tent than the one we had been looking at last year. Rather than camping for a week or more we will stay close to home and the plan is that we can just take off for a weekend if the weather is good over the summer.Alan is coming round to the idea and so long as we can source a comfortable bed and chair for him (he had a spinal fusion op many years ago and suffers a great deal ,which was his main problem with a big tent and the effort it would take to erect etc) it looks like we could be joining the ranks of campers.....Fingers crossed:-)

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