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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ripon - The finale...

I forgot to mention that on the Tuesday night we walked into town to meet Alan and Emily (they had been off to the Park and a walk along the river) .At nine every night the Hornblower does his thing.

Pretending to be Gargoyles at the Market cross:-)

The Hornblower talking to the crowds and telling us the Story of this historic event.

It was very interesting and he was very good and entertaining.It was then that a couple of women who had had a little too much to drink decided it would be a good time to have a domestic!! Milly said it was a pity- because he was a good storyteller- but we couldn't hear all he said:-(

Thursday and the plan was that Alan would take the girls to Lightwater valley (Tesco Vouchers came in handy again to pay to go in) and I would take the opportunity to recoup! I put a towel on the grass and took my book out.I lay there from about 11- till they returned at 4.30 ish.The Cathedral bells came in handy as I just rotated every quarter of an hour so I was nicely cooked on all sides:-))
Milly had requested potato salad instead of sandwiches for her picnic lunch and I had made enough for two, so my lunch was all ready and took no time at all - Perfect !

 Milly loves theme parks but has never really wanted to go on the bigger rides.She went on a couple here and I think a thrill seeker has emerged :-))

A good day for all!

Friday was the day to travel home...We had had a fabulous time and had packed a lot in,I was very sad to leave.

We took some flowers to my Nana's grave and then headed to Fountains Abbey.I had taken out a years National Trust membership last June and thought it had expired at the beginning of the month - it just said June as the expiry date - so I had thought we would just go for a walk in the grounds of the Deer Park that were accessible free.Alan said I should check it out just in case.Twas a good job I listened to him on this occasion:-) The lady at the gate was lovely - although you are supposed to book ahead when you use the Home educators pass - she allowed us to go in.We had a lovely walk.

Lynn with a map!
Alan found this amusing considering how many times my navigational skills had let me down. Good job Millie had already checked out where we were going and I just had to follow ;-)

Posers... us ?

We sat and played around with my camera whilst the girls went of to investigate another Temple.

Then it was time to head back to the car for lunch before setting off home...

A fabulous holiday made possible by the generosity of my Aunt and Uncle allowing us to stay in their home while they were away.

Millie it was a pleasure to have you with us and we hope College won't mean this will be the last time:-)


MillieMadHatter said...

In the temple with me and Emily, we were being Goddess's. I was being Artemis and I think Emily was being Aphrodite :) Can I have all the photos please?

SuzyQ said...

What a lovely time beautifully captured in words and pictures!
Thanks for sharing :)

dawn said...

what a fantastic time , you all look so happy :-) xx