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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ripon - part two....

Next morning we headed out to York.A slight detour on the way to ensure all the sights were seen.
Ok,ok - I got us lost!!
 We really should invest in a sat nav:-)
We used the park and ride facility and got into the center in time to have lunch - I had used Tesco vouchers to pay for a meal at Pizza express.
I do find it funny when Milly calls places posh - as she did in this restaurant - it reminded me when we met up with Michelle, Marcus and Chloe and had afternoon tea and cake in a hotel in Cockermouth and she said that was posh too ;-)
Because Milly always found it quite hard to sit for any length of time and really didn't like waiting for food, we made a choice early on to go to places we would be more likely to get served quickly,where she would be more comfortable and able to wander around without annoying diners- usually pub grub or cafe type places.We felt it was better to do that than to set her up to fail in a more formal setting.
As the years have gone on and she has - slightly - more patience and is able to wait a little longer we have been able to move up to a new posh experience for her :-)
 The building we were in on Museum st was actually very impressive.
I had a lovely Mare E Monti Leggera pizza.I highly recommend it:-)

Then - slightly different scenery to the day before .

The girls were in and out of shops and I followed whilst Alan found a sunny spot to lean or sit and wait for us- he built up quite a nice tan that day :-) Milly had some gifts she wanted to buy for a friend using the last of her holiday money.Millie and I were keen to check out the charity shops to see what bargains we could find- both of us managed to score;-) I got a pair of brand new wedge espadrille for £3 and Millie got a skirt and a dress under £5 each!I managed to get Milly a skirt for a couple of pounds too.

We also managed to complete our operation beautiful mission.
Deb had posted about this on Face book and Milly and I just love the idea.Milly wrote it and then she wanted to wait and see who went in the stall after us and we waited in the store to see her face when she came out.Milly was keen to see if she looked happy:-)  

York was - as always - a joy to walk around.Street theatre and the fabulous architecture,adding to the sunshine.

A short stop off in the Minster grounds.Millie wrote out her postcards and Emily looked through her purchases.

Back to the car and another scenic detour on the way home.....

Wednesday was a more leisurely start and after an early lunch we called on my Uncle and Aunt before us girls headed off to the baths and Alan went back to watch the football. I had a sauna and alternated between that and the pool and the steam room.

Back home and Milly went to the bedroom to listen to her story tape - and ended up napping for a while -whilst Millie and I sat in the garden and chatted.
We had an early tea and set off to see my Cousin and his wife and their daughter -who we always call baby Emma - but who is in fact well into toddler hood now:-) Another opportunity to get lost taken with both hands:-/
Got there in the end and had a lovely visit.
Milly is so good with Emma and Emma appears to adore her.

Most nights by the time we got home and had food we were all worn out.No matter how tired she was Emily always wanted to go with Alan on their evening walk to play on the park and then along the canal.Millie and I would chat and when they got back- around 9.30 - we would put a film on.
During our stay we watched Dorian Grey,  Hairspray and Mean girls... 

We were staying in my Aunts house - while they are on holiday - and it is within sight of the Cathedral.This also means the bells that peel every quarter of an hour are very loud! You do get used to them after a while during the day but tend to notice them more at night. The girls were in the front room but said they were so tired when they went up to bed,that after listening to MP3's for a short while they went to sleep very quickly and weren't bothered by them.


sue said...

Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time, I LOVE York :)

MillieMadHatter said...

Do I really look like that from the back?!?!?!!?