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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Build up and Xmas 2010...

On the Thursday before Xmas we had plans to go out with Lisa and the kids, unfortunately a leak in her bathroom roof meant we had to cancel the planned outing.Still really keen to see them all we decided to take them sledging ( on a hill in the village just made for that purpose ) and then go back to theirs for hot chocolate before coming round to mine for lunch.That gave Lisa a chance to rang the insurers.

 They had a wonderful game in the sun room - bringing down boxes of bratz and setting up a bratz world! Morgan (5) played happily alongside them with a box of fantasy figures Milly had brought down for him. He had great fun playing with some miniature spiderman/batman figures and Milly said he could keep them. We all took Beauty for a walk and then took them home on our way to a friends Xmas party - a tradition over the last few years .
Maria's Pixies party was great fun and Emily really enjoyed the fact that she was Maria's helper, looking out for the little ones during the games and at tea time ;-) I enjoyed chatting and drinking tea :-)

I had hoped to have had all the shopping and prep done before Xmas eve - didn't happen ;-)
However Alan and I worked together to get it all done on the morning .He went off shopping for food and to drop some presents off, whilst I tackled the housework.We were working towards sitting down together to watch Alice in wonderland at 2ish, before getting ready to visit a family friend to celebrate her sons birthday.It has become a family tradition and Xmas eve wouldn't seem the same without it :-)

Milly had a present to drop off for Amy and walked round to deliver it and ended up staying round at theirs for an hour.Milly said Morgan was happy to see her and gave her big cuddles - apparently he had fallen asleep clutching the toys she had given him .We really must make arrangements to see them more often and not wait til the next school holiday. 

Instead of watching the film I decided to have a nice long bath and when Milly got back we left for the party a little earlier.
After Hazels Xmas eve party we had a very, very cold but enjoyable walk with Beauty.A cuppa and a rest before heading out to visit with some friends of my Sisters who had very kindly invited us along. Spent a very pleasant hour and a half  there ( there were lots of children there but Milly was unsettled/excited and keen to get home ) before heading back to snuggle down and watch The sorcerer's Apprentice in our new Xmas PJ's. I always buy a film for Emily to open on Xmas eve and we all always have PJ's to open.

We settled down to sleep around 11.30.Much, much earlier than last year! I no longer had to hang around waiting til she went off to sleep!Milly knowing about Santa has made the build up quite a lot easier for her but she was still very excited;-) She still wanted to do the traditional things,like our Xmas eve walk to listen for the sleigh bells. Santa always leaves a snowy footprint on the fireplace and she wanted to do that once I had told her how I did it!. We did however forget to leave out the carrot, mince pie and sherry!
We have never set a time that Milly has to stay in bed until on Xmas morning,we have always accepted it would be early and that it is part of the excitement of the day.. A few years ago we decided instead to arrange our day to suit an early start.this year Milly brought up about what time she might get up,she wanted to know a time.We did set a limit - and after discussion all agreed - not before 5 ....
We had been busy during the day and thought ( hoped ) she would be tired and not likely to wake up early.
Alan set up the bag of presents from Santa and we all settled down to sleep...
5 o'clock and Milly woke us gently.... She had been awake since 4.00!

And so we began our Christmas day...

             Skelanimal Tattoo's were a big hit!

Friends Box set - bought at a very good price from Morrisons on Xmas Eve - hours of fun to come..

A look of disbelief.Is this really what I think it is???

Is it? It is !!!

Oh my! It is so beautiful.An ipod touch:-)
Milly had been saving for a few months and had decided that any money she got for Xmas would go towards one.She also asked if we could save some of her xmas money and not buy any more gifts and put some towards it. Whilst I was researching them - so I knew what an ipod actually was! - what price they were etc - I saw a brilliant deal on Tesco direct. Alan and I decided to buy it ( to be reimbursed by Milly after Xmas ) instead of waiting til January.So glad we did!

So you think you know Lemony Snicket quiz book.

Manga, 20q, notebooks, DVD's, Beannie boo, Emily the Strange art book, and more...

Lemony Snicket autobiography.

Bath bombs, wooden chest to store special things in,nail-varnish,Phone (ipod) cover,Eclipse movie book,more Emily the strange merchandise,manga fairy shrinkles.A lot of lovely things from wonderfully generous friends and family.Set out near the tree where they stay for a week or so getting used and moved as the week goes by.

Milly asked me to take a shot of her writing in her new Emily the Strange locking journal, with new socks and nightie on and her new dressing gown nearby.The Lolo ball is always at her feet - its good to have something to jiggle when you like to move a lot ;-)

A leisurely morning ( Alan headed back to bed for an hour or so ) getting to know the ipod and checking out her presents,before getting ready to go to my Sisters for a late lunch.

Over the last few years we had tailored our Xmas days to take account of the early start and stayed at home, spending the day quietly.However after discussing it we were all keen to go to my sisters this year when they invited us.Alan and I had both hoped we would have a later start this year though ;-)

Got to my Sisters about 12.30 and around two o'clock a couple of Elves came along with wonderful glittery, sparkly, party head gear for us all to wear and the bubbly to go with the canapes and the party started!
A lovely family time, wonderfully hosted, with great food and good fun.

One drawback to such an early start is it can all fall apart later in the day :-) We all lasted quite well, but by early evening we were ready to head home and an early night set us back on track.


Jules (Classroom Free) said...

Lovely to read Lynn, wishing you all the very best of everything in 2011 - you deserve it :)

Love to you all.
Jules x

Colleen said...

That sounds like a lovely day. I love the footprint on the hearth! What a great idea. :) I'll have to find out from Jerry if there are game apps they could play together if they both happen to be online. That would be cool.

K said...

Ah - another iPod victim!! Angel got one for xmas too, and has since been constantly attached to it :-) They are fun though, I'm thinking I'll need to get one for myself ;-)

Sending you lots of good wishes for 2011!