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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nursemaid with alternative ointments and positive thinking thrown in!

I was making cottage pie this afternoon when I burnt my fingers very badly! Milly heard me squeal and rushed through from the living room where she had been watching Scrubs.She watched me as I held them under the cold water and when I had dried them off she stroked my hand gently before exclaiming " Wait there, I know just the thing!" She came back down with toothpaste ( she remembered seeing it on the film, Just my luck ) She put a blob on and I rubbed it in ( was a little dubious about it but more than wiling to give it a fair go! ) As I went back to stirring the pan on the stove I was saying " Ow, oh it hurts," and general wimpy comments ;-) She said " Mum that is very negative thinking, say, this is hurting right now but I choose not to focus on it!" I said that and then added for good measure " in five minutes I will feel no pain "
Milly was going out of the kitchen at this point but commented as she went " That's maybe taking it a little far Mum!"  Don't you just love her ;-))
Oh, by the way, the fingers are hardly hurting at all now!


Michelle said...


fab girl she is. Sorry you burnt yourself though. :-(

Hannah said...

Ha! I love moments like the one you described.

Hope your burns are better now.
I love the banner picture you have at the top of your page :o)