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Monday, 17 January 2011

Costume day!

Woke very late this morning - 10.30! Me and Alan were in a tossing and turning competition last night though - neither of us could sleep - so annoying to be exhausted yet unable to drop off....

Quiet morning and then Emily and I went off to the Spa/pool we have just joined :-)
We had been going regularly ( a couple of times a week ) to a local pool with a slide and wave machine last year. They have made cutbacks and the wave machine and slide are out of action apart from a few sessions during the week and weekends when the kids are out of school.Not the time we want to be in the pool!

Having talked about it we decided to give this hotel a try.It was central and, with the new year offer they had on, it was within our price range. Luckily we had some savings to dip into to pay for it now and then I am going to save the money we would have spent on petrol and swimming costs going to the pool we would have visited and pay it back in.
It has a 20 metre pool and a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi and we also have use of the gym.Emily can use some of the cardio equipment if she wants to.
It is a little dated ( that's why it is in our price range I suppose ) but it is clean and -  importantly - quiet! Most of the time today we had the place to ourselves:-)

We played a Percy Jackson game ( the pool has greek gods and godess images painted on the walls ) the whole time we were in, the game moving from the pool to the sauna, steam room or jacuzzi and an hour and a half flew by. Best way to get exercise, having fun whilst you do it:-) we are planning on taking our books and fandex on greek myths with us so we can lounge and learn:-)
 I just have to make sure I don't overdo things and remember to float more than I swim -  it feels so good to be in the pool. Planning to go for an induction for the gym later in the week then we can use it if we decide to. Milly will be able to use her ipod and sit on the bike or treadmill and I have music and a meditation on my phone I can use whilst using the treadmill to walk.

So, just have to make sure we keep going to warrant the financial outlay.I don't see a problem as we both love being in the water.The loungers at the pool side mean that if I am under par Milly can still go in whilst I lounge:-)

These arrived today.

Great delight from Emily. She has been thinking for some time that she may become a costume designer.

Alans out at Tai chi and I have got a date with Milly to play with them tonight:-)


Stephanie said...

I love that your pool has such wonderfulness painted on its walls! :) I would so love that.
And love the games you're playing and planning to play. :)

Colleen said...

That sounds great!