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Monday, 29 August 2011

Bit of history, with added cake:-)

 We have had a very enjoyable day with Liz and the children at Birdoswald Roman Fort.

 I was not functioning at full capacity today... Brain on a go slow and not on top form - a tad grumpy if truth be told.;-)  It does make things difficult, but not impossible!

We met early afternoon and had a good time exploring the Fort and Milly saw the Wall for the first time:-)

Foundations to be viewed,

and hills to be rolled down ;-)

 Exploring the museum and the fort foundations was enjoyable and then  it was time for a cuppa and cake in the cafe. The girls chose ice creams and took off to go for another walk along the wall.

After an hour or so we all met up and took a drive to a pub to have tea together.
Good food, very friendly service and - most importantly - homemade twice cooked chips ;-)

We said goodbye to them and headed to get our weekly food shopping at Tesco's on the way home. Wouldn't have been the first choice after a busy day but bad planning on my part - I forgot I usually do the shop on a Monday ( and the cupboards are bare)  when I arranged to go out today - we are out and about over the next few days as well and have no chance to fit it in.

The positive side was that it was nearly closing time and we managed to get the shop done quickly in a very quiet store :-)

Paying a visit to friends tomorrow.
It has been quite a while since we got together, so it will be good to catch up.


Big mamma frog said...

Sounds like a great day out!

Lynn said...

It was:-) It has sparked a desire in Milly to have a go at the Hadrians wall path walk!

Lisa White said...

Wow! Love your blog. Only just stumbled over it! Always nice to find a fellow home eder x

If you want to see what I'm about my blog is www.anordinary-life.blogspot.com

Lynn said...

Thanks Lisa - I have popped over and am now following you :-)Looking forward to getting to know you. x