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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wednesday - things taking a little longer than expected!

In the plans we had for this week of Alan's hols we - this is the royal 'we' as it is Alan that is doing all the painting - ably assisted by me in any way I can ;-)  - had hoped to be finished! Things have taken longer than we had expected and there is still quite a way to go in the kitchen.

The kitchen has been antique white for about 4 years now and I had intended to do it the same again. It is a lovely big room and is the center of the house which is great, but it is quite a dark room ( even when the sun is streaming through the sun room ) . I had taken a picture of Emily last week and in the background of the shot I noticed a towel drying on the radiator, it was a deep aqua and the shot of colour inspired me to paint some accent walls with an aqua colour.

I love it!
I can't wait to see it all finished.
Alan - who is a perfectionist and takes his time over things - says I am impatient - can't see it myself ;-)

The rest of the house in still upside down - doesn't seem much point tidying when stuff has to be moved out of the way and then other stuff gets left in other rooms because we can't get into the rooms where the stuff has been piled!!

We are looking after A (Milly's best friend ) who is off school with a virus.The two of them are in Milly's room - hopefully not tiring A out with too much activity!!!!

A beautiful sunny day and the outdoors is calling, but after a very busy day shopping yesterday, I am just going to sit amongst the chaos in the sun room with a herbal tea, chat to Al and look out at it :-)

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