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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday - sun room!

The Sun room needed one last push to get it finished by tonight..
The room had been out of action for a few days.

Things had been moved and were put on any free surface...

And some not so free surfaces! I came back from shopping yesterday to find the dining room out of action too..

Not sure where it is now but my bed is usually here!!

Time for brunch...

By late afternoon it was taking shape.

Changed things around a little and used existing ornaments to give a fresh look.

Added a couple of new things.
This makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Can't have enough love...

The lobby area has also been finished.
A coat of paint has revitalised the old mirror and coat hook.

The clock was also painted and a new frame is awaiting one of Emily's masterpieces..
Little touches that make things seem like new.

When we designed the sun room area we knew we wanted a downstairs loo, we also wanted to make as much use of the space as we could to live in...

The loo was fitted in to a tight space and in the end we even had room for a cupboard.
Normal doors would have worked but in such a tight space I thought it would be better to cut them in half. Enter my Dad - he and Mum spent time creating these doors from two normal doors.

The doors straight ahead reveal the loo.
  To the side, the cupboard.

Milly flitted in and out and up and down :-)
She spent a good part of the day ( after she woke around twelve!!!) in her room on the lap top and web cam with El.
She spent time with me whilst I dusted all the books - the french doors were opened ( such a lovely afternoon was a shame not to apparently ) and she kept me amused during the tedious job :-) 
She was talking about wanting to read a horror story.We looked at some of the books as I put them away and discussed some books I had read but thought might be a little too scary for her. I remember loving Stephen King and James Herbert. When I mentioned Stephen King she told me about a spoof of one of his books / film they had done on Family Guy - Misery.
She then mentioned Dracula and I said I thought we had it on a set of Classic literature CDs.As it turned out we didn't have that one but she decided she would give Jane Eyre a try.

She had tried one of  them - Frankenstein - when we got the set a couple of years ago ( I bought them as a bargain  from The Book People - with the intention of them being available as she got older - in case she became interested in the classics ) she deemed it boring and has never bothered with them since!! We had a chat about how age could change her perception and that perhaps now she would enjoy them - I did say that if she didn't it would be best to keep an open mind and she might ( or might not )  try them again when she was older.
Milly has just this minute come down to watch TV and exclaimed that Jane Eyre is good! She said she had been listening to it for fifteen minutes :-) I have the book and said I would re - read it ( did it at school for English Lit but forgotten it ) and then we both know the story.
Although it has been a full on day Alan and I did manage to fit in some relaxation, on this day of rest  :-)
Alan got up and started early and then woke me later with a cuppa .
I then pottered around - kept him company whilst he painted and - after he had done all the hard work - he watched the rugby whilst I titivated.

Team work at it's best :-)

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Michelle said...

Jane Eyre is good. The reorganisation and freshen up looks fantastic. Am envious again!