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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Music for Simon...

Thanks to everyone - here and on facebook - for your kind words.
Simon's funeral was held today.
The service took place in the church where Alan and I got married over 29 years ago. The way I remember it the church seemed so much bigger. In my memory the approach from the roadside to the church door was longer - it seemed to take ages to get from the car to the church door - maybe that was due to the photo's being taken. I don't remember the inside of the church as the whole service just flew by in a haze, I was so nervous :-)
In the heat of the wonderful sunshine we met with family members and awaited the arrival of the hearse.
The music was chosen to reflect Simon's musical favourites.
As we followed him in Westlife " I'll see you again " was played.

The music for reflection was Savage Garden "Truly Madly Deeply"

The hymn was Lord of all Hopefulness.
Leaving church was Robbie Williams Angels

At the crematorium two more Savage Garden songs were played.
The Animal song

So Beautiful

As I have compiled this I have listened to and read all the lyrics with tears streaming down my face. That's ok though it helps and I am sure I will come back to them again and do the same.
Preview isn't working so I hope it all shows up.... Edited to add - tried again to get the youtube clips on - fingers crossed?

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