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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside - even in a gale:-)

Day two...

Wonderful sounds coming from the Blackpool high tide organ :-)
Glad we got to hear it. We did pass by it again in the following days but never heard it again...

First glimpse of the Pepsi max - gulp!
Milly and El contemplate the idea of going on when we go later in the week - no such contemplation for me -  it is a very definite no thanks ;-))

The rain was holding off and although it was very windy we set off to walk get blown along the prom :-)

Such force behind the wind that you could lean into it and be held up.

A really blustery walk, so exhilarating. We could literally taste the sea as the spray was being whipped up and blown into our faces :-)

Evasive action needed - hoods up girls...

As we walked we talked about changing plans to go to Bispham for Fish and chips that evening - we had planned to wait around ( hoping to spend some time on the beach ) til it was dark and get a tram back to see the illuminations. It really was wild and we had a long time to fill in with no hope of getting on to the sand:-( We decided to leave it til the next day and set off later in the afternoon to go to The Sandcastle water park so we had less time to fill in before dark.

We made it to the Aquarium in one piece and were very ready to get out of the wind to warm up a little :-)

Cleaner shrimp making a meal of Milly's hand. I tried it too, funny feeling, nippy but not painful, quite pleasant really..

In need of a cuppa - I was hoping for coffee ( to give me an energy boost ) and cake - not for any other reason than I wanted cake:-)).
Disappointment that there was no cafe only a couple of vending machines and tables and chairs. Shame - every other aquarium I have been to has had a nice cafe with food and cake.
Decided not to spend money on something that wasn't going to hit the spot. However the shop managed to give all the children something to make them smile:-) Milly spotted the Build a Bear section immediately - something she has wanted to do for ages - and so.... Crossbones was born:-) Milly bought him a pirates outfit and that inspired his name...

Outside in search of coffee. No luck - but we found a rock shop for the children to buy ice-cream . Never mind the gale force winds and driving rain we're at the seaside:-)) While they ate and searched for rock in the shop, I ordered some doughnuts for Liz and I. Hot sugary doughnuts mmmmmm.
We couldn't face the long windy walk back and talked about getting a tram but in the end we hailed a taxi to take us back to the car.

We made our way back to the caravan park and ate at the restaurant on site with Liz's Mum. The children then spent time in the amusements and we joined them for a while. Unfortunately a nasty fall for a little one ended in tears :-( We all headed back to the vans. The three older children set off on their own to hang out in the amusement arcade and walk around the site. Not often they get the chance to do anything like that and they loved it. It became their * thing* and they wanted to do it again over the next few nights :-)

El spent the night with us in our van and remarkably - after a reminder from me of the deal we had made ( the walls of a caravan are so flimsy that I could hear everything and if they were going have a sleepover it would have to actually involve some sleep! ) they were asleep by 12.30.
Must have been all that sea air :-)

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