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Friday, 23 September 2011

Up, down and round and round!

 Thursday dawned bright and warm :-)
Up and out to the Pleasure beach!!

Parked up under the supports for The Pepsi Max.
 Perfect for a bit of posing.

 After getting wristbands etc it was on with the fun! The two girls were eager to get on the big rides and it was easier for me to follow them whilst Liz, Patrick and Catherine went together.
First ride...
The Big Dipper.

This little fella sang to me whilst they were being thrilled :-)

My view of the twists and turns and ups and downs...

Hi Mum!
 Bye Mum!
Repeat scene of Milly running back on about 5 more times :-)

Not the best picture but I do like to take a few self portraits wherever we go - Milly and Amy find this habit hilarious for some reason :-))

Wild mouse about ten times for the girls.

Whilst I got to watch the musical water feature :-)

Next - onwards and definately upwards!!!

I sat in the sun and admired the water feature - a theme evolving...

Whoo hoo....

The twist on the Pepsi Max was right in front of me....

The girls went flying...

I went for some food and saw another version of the musical water feature :-) I think at this point I had met up with Liz and the children whilst Milly and El flew around getting on as many rides as they could. My memory is hazy - I was very tired by now ;-))

After the girls had eaten we made it over to the other side of the park...
They're off...

More thrills and spills until the park closed at five and onto the last ride to finish on a high :-)

Back home after a really lovely day and another evening at the amusements on site. Milly trying to win key rings from the 10p machines. Patrick, El and I all joined in to help - she had the knack and won quite a few along with lots of 10p's to enable her to keep playing :-) Liz, Cat and I headed home and the girls and Patrick stayed for a while longer.

A fabulous day of fun :-)

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