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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Saturday - What did you do today?

Today we accomplished something that has been on our jobs to do for many, many, many months   years actually! 

I have always wanted a linen cupboard but have never had the space in any of the ( very few ) built in cupboards we have. There has never been space in any of the rooms to fit a piece of furniture in specifically for bed linen.

Re decorating Milly's room - blog post to come ..... Milly is happy for it to go on as soon as family members have seen it :-) - meant that we had a piece of furniture, albeit painted in deep purple gloss :-) Ebay sales and a major sort out meant we had room in the spare room to site it so the idea came to me one evening as we were deciding what to do with the cupboard.

Alan sanded it and painted the outside antique white and used some of the blue from Milly's room inside - small taster of scheme ;-))

Today we gathered all the bed linen from various cupboards and drawers and all the spare pillows and quilts. It ended up as a mountain on our bed! 
 We cleared a mahoosive pile of ironing from the spare room and laid it on the dining room table where it will be worked from over the next few days....

The space made, we brought the cupboard up and I sorted all the bedding into it...

Single bedding, double bedding, spare quilt and pillows for sleepover all ready on the bottom shelf with a lovely quilt that was my Nan's.
I have put some cotton wool balls inside with Lavender essential oil on and spritzed the bedding with Avon sleep therapy spray so it smell divine when the door is opened :-)

I also used an under bed zip bag to put a duvet with clean cover on, pillowcases and bed sheet in it ready for sleepovers and stored it under Milly's bed. The rest of the quilts and pillows were stored in a cupboard in our room and our bedding was put in the drawers under our bed. All sorted - feels good! 

The room has another side to it that houses my Ebay empire ;-)) I now have the task of clearing this ( and more in the loft! ) in the next few months.

  It is a bit daunting but...... one item at a time I will get there :-))


Shirl said...

Lovely makeover on your cupboard - everything fits in so well ... :0)

Emmie and Emma said...

hooray for sorting out and hooray for the lovely new linen cupboard...how satisfying! xx

Lynn said...

I knew there would be others who would appreciate the cupboard love