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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tip top and bouncing :-)

This weekend has been a wonderful end to a fabulous week :-)

The last time Milly was at El's they had an extra bouncy time having spent hours on their large trampoline.
When we got home I decided to check out the prices of 12ft trampolines to replace our well loved 8ft one.

Luck was on our side as Argos had a 12ft one reduced from £250 to £149. I ordered it thinking that if needed I would use my birthday money I still have in the bank and sell the other one to go towards it.
The very next day we received a check from Atlantic electric for £178 ( a rebate we get every year for one months costs for staying with them :-) 

We have decided to give any money we get from the trampoline to the Animal refuge we volunteer at :-)

The delivery was set for Friday between 12 and 6.

When El stayed over last week a bag of Milly's precious clothes for her Monster high dolls got put into El's bag by mistake and she was devastated when she found out . 
She was scared that if they got posted they would get lost so we tried to arrange a day to meet each other to get them back. Friday was the only day we were able to and because of the delivery we couldn't meet half way - it is a two hour journey for both of us to each others houses so we tend to meet in the middle out side of planned sleepovers.... 
I invited them over for lunch and Liz being the kind person she is came over - even though she was under the weather. 
Very lucky to have a friend that will do that for us :-) 

The delivery arrived at 11.55! 

Liz, her Mum and the kids arrived and we had a couple of hours together . The kids managed a walk to the park and we managed a good chat :-) 
Things went a little pear shaped at the end, nothing too calamitous just one of those things that happen now and again in a group. It brought into focus how crap I am at managing conflict though - having one child is a doddle without the kind of situations that crop up with more than one child  :-)

Amy came round that evening and they hung out here and walked to the park unfortunately the trampoline wasn't ready to use. Alan had come in from work and set to. it was HUGE!!! The space we had earmarked ( having measured it out ) was luckily big enough but it required some cutting back of shrubs and moving the tarpaulin where the paddling pool was due to go... The pool will have to be put in the side garden.

That is another major job. I had made a lovely veg plot but over the years all the hard work has not produced much veg! The garden had two massive sycamore trees in ( before the storm of 2004 felled them! ) the ground was not the best as it is full of roots. Alan had a good go at clearing it and we mulched and manured but it was still poor. The other problem is the big trees in the back garden and the neighbours garden and the shade they create. They have a preservation  order on and as yet we have not got permission to lop them back any more than one and a half meters. Hardly worth the large costs involved to do that - they grow about that each year apparently as well so we would soon be back at square one.
 So we have decided to re landscape the side - now the pool will fit in and perhaps get some fruit trees in the small part that does get some sun. We are going to redo the front drive area to enable two cars to park off the street. To do that we need to move a rockery and shift at least a ton of soil - which will move onto the side garden and create a level area for the pool to go on. The shed roof is leaking so that also needs re-felting. It's going to be a busy summer!
 Alan is a man who likes a project though - not one to sit a round much, he likes to be kept busy. 
He does a great job of keeping the garden straight and enjoys doing it ;-) 

Anyway back to the trampoline.
 Amy was due back for a sleepover on Saturday. They are writing a book together and this gave them chance to work on that. I helped Al before heading to have a massage then popped back in so I could help if needed - I wasn't so I headed out shopping. By the time Amy came round the trampoline was ready - bar spreading some bark chippings around it.  They spent ages bouncing and creating stopping briefly for food, before coming in about nine thirty. Today they were out as soon as they had eaten breakfast and spent about four hours bouncing, flipping, somersaulting and creating their story:-)  Milly says it is her most treasured thing and that it has made her soooo happy. 

When Amy left she also took her duvet out and spent time gazing at the sky daydreaming. 
The beanbag was also taken out to use as pillow or to do a somersault over. 

The old trampoline will go to a new home - and some homeless dogs will benefit from it.
 As soon as I get a poster up tomorrow to let people know it is for sale and where the proceeds will be going to that is ;-)

On top of all the lovely activities and despite a couple of migraines, my health has been good and my mood has been high.
 I haven't felt as good for ages.
 I am hoping this continues.
 I am enjoying it to the full just in case things change again :-)

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Sounds like trampoline serendipity!