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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Olympic shiny moment and Ollie the giant :-)

The Olympic torch came to the area today and a friends son was carrying it part of the way.
I picked up lovely Nephew and we headed into town. I parked out of town as I was slightly nervous of getting into town and finding it too busy to park.

We found out that wasn't the case and could probably have parked right near where we ended up standing!! Oh well, we got a bit of excersise walking in ;-)

Kevin's story is so inspirational and he truly deserved this moment to shine :-) 

Kevin's nomination story
Kev has Cerebral Palsy. At school in the 800 mtrs race he used to get lapped by his peers at the 200-300 
mtrs mark but he still finished the race. He always loved football but was never very good at it. 
He used to go to EVERY training session but when it came to picking a team Kev was always left on the subs
 bench & only got to play for 5 mins at the end if the team had a comfortable lead.
Kev is an absolute inspiration to everyone he meets. He has overcome adversity in the most positive way. 
He has gone from wearing splints on both legs till he was 7 yrs to doing a Psychology Degree and gaining 
the BPS prize in his 3rd year as while he was doing his dissertation he was also training for the 
London Marathon (which he completed in 4 hrs & 42 mins) & he was a student ambassador 
& he looked after a man in a wheelchair for 12 hours a week all in his 3rd year at uni.
He now works for People First as a Health Fascilitator encouraging adults with learning difficulties to 
have a fitter & more active lifestyle by assisting them with diet and fitness regimes. He got this job by
 thinking up the project then writing a funding bid where he got £300,000 from the
 BIG Lottery to fund a 4 year project.
He will always go that extra mile and nothing is too much trouble to him. He has just got engaged to Sarah
 & says he is now complete. He would be a very worthy candidate to carry the torch &
 he would be so honoured to be chosen.

Kevin and Sarah <3

Kev and his Brother and great buddie Ryan.

Kev and Milly.

Moment to Shine :-)

It was great to be a part of it and to support him and his family. 
We trecked back to the car and made our way home,  dropped Alex off and headed home to get some food before heading out again.

Alan had been due to work late and meet us in town but someone else did it for him and he got home in time to take us. I was so pleased I wouldn't have to drive again! I woke at 7.30 this morning with a migraine, took pills and went back to bed but it never really lifted . So tiredness, a lingering headache and the effect of the pills combined meant that my driving today has been diabolical! 

Alan drove and we had no problems getting into town and parking. 
I do get myself worked up unnecessarily about these things...

Whilst Milly and the drama group had a final rehearsal Alan and I hung around for a while then headed to the indoor venue the Solstice picnic had been moved too.

A stroll past the village hall and over the river.

Ollie the Giant arrives.

Ollie wanted to be a swimmer in the Olympics but was too big for the pool so had to consider other options. The group had collaborated in making the song and Ollie was carried using a harness that Geoff wore and sticks controlled by some of the group. The others sung and joined in doing the actions with Ollie :-) It was very entertaining :-)

The group then headed back to the Theater and Alan and I ambled back to meet them munching on some chips :-) 

Milly had been quite anxious this morning as she didn't know what the routine was but after the rehearsal she was much happier and enjoyed the whole experience :-)

The weather was also much better than forecast and we stayed dry on both outings :-) 

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