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Friday, 1 June 2012

Not as planned....

Milly woke early and was downstairs by 10.30 eagerly awaiting a delivery from Ebay.  It was supposed to have been posted first class on the 28th.

She was very disappointed when the postie arrived minus said delivery :-( 
It was a new Monster High doll and she had been so looking forward to playing a game she had been creating. She handled her disappointment well though. I wrote an email to the seller but there isn't much else we can do except wait.

The rest of the day was spent drawing and Tv ( Milly) clearing bookcases and general tidying ( me).
As we had a big night out planned we both had a bath and washed our hair. We also tidied Milly's room so we could get a bed down for Amy. They were going to a theater production in town and Alan and I were going to take the opportunity to celebrate his birthday by having a meal out whilst they were there.

At 3.30 Alan came home as I was drying my hair. He was exhausted and decided to have a nap. I had to iron my dress if we were going out and still had tea to make for the girls...
I make these plans with good intentions because in my mind I so want to do things but the reality is that I am not good on an evening and the thought of being out til late tonight wasn't appealing .
As Alan crawled into bed I suggested we have a takeaway and watch a film together which Alan was happy to do :-) 

 Milly had been excited about going to the play but also nervous as she had had previous experiences where the play hadn't been her cup of tea and the thought of sitting for a couple of hours in that situation was worrying her. We chatted it through and she took her ipod so she could listen to music if she wasn't enjoying it. I asked her not to let her judgement of it spoil it for Amy though as she may enjoy it.

Alan took them and brought us back an Indian takeaway:-)
It was lucky we hadn't gone for the meal as the play finished sooner than we had thought and he went back for them at 8.30.

They went straight to Amy's to get her overnight stuff and I had to wait to hear all about the play.

They had both enjoyed it immensely and were full of tales about it. However they were both feeling unwell - Milly still not fully clear of the bug and Amy had felt dizzy - so they had wisely decided not to have a sleepover. Instead of an overnight stay Amy is here til 11pm when Milly will walk her back round  to her house and they have planned things so they will spend time together tomorrow as well. Milly will help Amy baking for her cake stall at a car boot sale on Sunday to raise money for her school trip to Taiwan next year. Then on Sunday Milly is getting up at 7am to go with Alan to the car boot sale so she can support Amy and buy some cakes :-) 

Things haven't been as planned today but it all still worked into a very enjoyable day...

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Emmie and Emma said...

that's life! nice that everyone still enjoyed themselves...and you were all flexible.hope you are all able to enjoy the long weekend xx