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Sunday, 20 January 2008

All quiet apart from the golden daemons..

Just a quick catch up,the weekend got off to a very relaxed start.I got up early and got Beauty her food and then spent time browsing online. I should have taken time out to meditate but forgot!! I must get into a habit because it is too easy to get on line and completely loose track of time....I made Al and Emily breakfast and then Al took Beauty out whilst Emily and I pottered.Amongst other things Emily added another set of avatars to her blog ,she can't get enough of them!!!
Al and Emily then went out to the cinema with relatives to see the Golden Compass again and I got on with the housework.It was not all bad I got to have a long soak without the obligatory legs dangling in whilst we chat, which somehow always ends up with her in the tub with me...There was a time when we could do that comfortably but that time has now passed!!

My nephew came back for a sleepover and they had great fun setting up the playmobile castle and all the playmobile people had daemons.The film had also sparked something off in my nephew who had seen it for the first time.

After my nephew went home mid morning we went to pick up Milly's friend and she stayed for the whole afternoon.She is adorable and her and Emily have a good connection despite the age gap.They both have a love of the Golden Compass and find common ground in other areas aswell.It was the first time she had been to us and I was concerned that she might be bored but she didn't want to go when her mum came for her so things had obviously gone OK. They didn't seem to do much , there was a lot of chatting and listening to music.It may have seemed like nothing to me but it made them both happy.

Having seen the film again Emily has taken having a daemon to new heights and a lot of the characters are now in the house with us!! She did the same with Harry Potter and it is as if they are really here and she can see and talk to them. There is nothing wrong with her imagination and the scenarios she comes up with are like a full story with back history etc,she keeps telling us what is happening and we just have to be on the ball to try to remember what is going on!!!

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Becky said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so glad to have found yours as well. It's wonderful to find another like-minded unschooler out there. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Best wishes!