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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

3 park day :-)

A lovely day with best friend Amy today!

She arrived at 9.45 this morning and they said goodbye at around 7pm.
Milly was very happy and pronounced it a ten out of ten day:-)

It was the weekly home ed meet up but there were only two families today.Not a problem though - we met at a play park and after an hour and a half there we went to get some chips and sat on the harbour wall eating them.The plan had been to go to the rock pools but the tide was in :-(
It was a cold and windy day but I am not complaining it is an improvement on the rain that seems to have become the norm these last few weeks.

After saying goodbye to our friends we moved on to another play park that had the added advantage of the beach and even though the tide was in there was a stretch of cobbles we could access the water from.
Not the most inviting of seas:-)

Oh well... roll up the tracksuit bottoms and off we go!
I resisted the temptation:-) I did take my shoes off and waded so far in and was pleasantly surprised how warm the water was - the force 10 gale ( OK slight exaggeration *grin* ) 
Just made things seem much colder:-)))

Lot's of giggles,screaming out loud ( I joined in with that too very invigorating ) and moshing - didn't join in with that - in the waves :-)
Oh and a couple of wet behinds:-)

The longest bubble gum in the world for Milly and some Honeycomb for Amy from the shop before setting off home for play,a snack,the Simpson's and a visit to the village park before saying goodbye.A sleepover together planned for Friday means they don't have to wait long before seeing each other again.

A great fun day....


Our Pace said...

Those waves look so beautiful!

Lynn said...

I know! I was kind of tongue in cheek when I said they didn't look inviting - it is supposed to be summer here:-) I love it when it is wild and they crash in - the sound is fabulous.xx

dawny said...

Crikey the sea looks choppy! Sounds like a lovely time again :-) xx