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Thursday, 26 August 2010


New hairdo's:-))
Milly opted for Purple! She loves it but has decided that the bright pink she had her eye on in the hairdressers would look good in streaks so she is going to get that done:-)
Lot's of pictures of a very beautiful girl - with or without purple hair:-)

I decided on red - I was guided by the hairdresser and choose a blend of three different colours. I am pleased with the finished look but wish I could be as free and bold as Emily:-)
I know I look a little sad in this shot but it is concentration:-) It is not easy taking a picture of yourself and this was the best full head shot - just minus the smile:-))


I want more red so will go back and get some chunkier streaks put in:-))


K said...

You both look gorgeous! Lovely cuts and colours :o) Looking forward to seeing the bright pink streaks!!

Michelle said...

Looks fab!

sue said...

Wow, you both look stunningly gorgeous, I really want purple hair too :)

Lynn said...

Thank you all:-)xx