"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Friday, 15 July 2011

We have had a really full on fun filled week :-)

Milly has had three sleepovers and has been swimming, walking, and playing throughout the days.

Our friends left their caravan this morning and came here for brunch. We enjoyed each others company for just over three hours and even after spending the week together it was sad to see them go.

Milly and I had an appointment to see our homeopath. We went into Sainsbury first to get something very quick and easy to do for tea. I got an indian box meal for Al and I and Milly choose from the chinese section. She wanted to try chilli breaded prawns with sweet chilli dip, peking duck pancakes and spring rolls. That might not seem too extraordinary - however Milly is not known for being adventurous in her food choices. We have always cooked the food she likes - sometimes the same thing for breakfast for weeks and then it will change and something else will be enjoyed daily for a while. We have given her the opportunity to try new tastes from our plates if she wanted to.
I bought all the things she chose today and we left them in the car and went off to our appointment.
 As we walk around she often holds my hand or links arms with me - I love that she still feels happy doing that :-) We had a lovely chat with Dierdre and then made our way home.

We are both exhausted and when we got in she went to lie down ( she asked to be woken for tea if she fell asleep ) whilst I prepped tea and chatted with Al ( hardly seen him this week!) I popped up to see her and she had fallen asleep. Tea was ready shortly after so she might have been snoozing for 45 minutes or so. Al woke her and we sat down together to eat. 
 She ate the peking duck pancakes first ( she has had these before and for a period of time enjoyed duck breast roasted but went off it and hasn't eaten it for quite a while ) the prawns were rather chewy she said and she preferred the butterfly prawns she had tried in the past - she liked the coating though and picked it off and ate it leaving the prawns on one side. The spring rolls were ok, although there was something in them she didn't like and put to one side of her plate as well. In the past - had she tried something she didn't like - it would have put her off completely.  As this was going on we chatted about our week. There was no mention about wastage or cost - we were pleased she had tried them. We talked about going to a chinese restaurant and trying some more authentic food.
If she had wanted something else to eat I would have made her something, she had eaten enough though. As she grows she is becoming more and more adventurous and choosing to add new foods into her diet.

After eating I was desperate to lie down. Milly wanted to go to her room to read and listen to The Composer is dead . As she took it from the bookcase she asked if we could all do some more from the quiz book - she ran upstairs to get it - my lie down could wait :-) We did the quiz and whilst she was answering questions she sorted out some Emily the strange writing paper and envelopes to write some letters. She also sorted through some manga postcards and chose a Lemony Snicket postcard to send to El.

After doing the quiz I came through to lie down to watch The apprentice on BBCi. Milly popped through with a letter for me:-) Then she said she was going to bed - she warned me there would be some noise as she was going to make her bed. Her room is directly above the living room and the floorboards are really quite noisy as she moves around.

I heard a great deal of noise and eventually she came down - it was now 9.30 - she said she had cleaned and dusted her room! She has taken everything off her shelves and dusted and had also cleared her chair of the mountain of clothes and the floor was cleared and the sleepover bed had been put away!! This is the first time she has ever dusted her room - she said she enjoyed it :-) We don't require Milly to do chores - we haven't for some years now . She said she had done it because she knew I was feeling unwell and didn't want me to feel I would need to do it for her....

She has just been down again ( 10.15 pm )  - I thought she had gone to sleep - apparently her and Al have just watched an episode of friends on her portable DVD player and she wanted to watch another before she goes to sleep. She asked if she could have some ice cream, as she went out get some I asked if she would get me some and she said " of course, would you like some melted nutella on it " I declined that offer but asked her to squeeze some toffee sauce on :-)

Milly continues to delight us. She has a considerate, helpful nature and is joy to be around.

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