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Sunday, 31 July 2011

We're heading to *toon* !!

Last year Amy and her family and some friends spent time in Newcastle. They had a great time and when she was telling us about it the idea of us three going was formed. As is the case with these things sometimes, it was oft talked about but nothing concrete was planned. Until now!
We got a room in the Travelodge for £29 a night and train fare with my railcard is under £20...

I am in the middle of packing and preparing and planning for our three day trip tomorrow! Two giddy kippers are unaware ( rightly so ) of all the twists and turns my mind is taking trying to cover every eventuality - well those I can think of ;-))

Travelling when my energy levels are so low means that I have to think of any way possible to eliminate unnecessary stress or lengthy walks. I have phoned all the places we are visiting and checked that they have facilities to store cases/eat within our budget/get to easily on the metro. I rang and ensured the girls are old enough to go into Wet and wild without me - they are - I will be able to sit in the viewing area and read. It will be a long day, but at least not at all strenuous for me and I will enjoy seeing them have a good time. Hopefully the next time I go I will be on top form and will go in with them. I draw the line at going down the slides though and much prefer the sound of the jacuzzis :-)

The first afternoon is taken up with shopping - a whole list of shops to get round.Wet and Wild the next day with The Center for Life being our destination on the final day before travelling home. 

I will have stocks of pills to relieve migraines/ headaches should one occur. Getting them regularly when my energy slumps at the moment. As long as I treat it quickly I am sure it will be ok.

We are ( for the first time EVER!) travelling light :-)

Phones are all charged and have credit so if we do by chance get separated whilst shopping we can find each other again.

Just got some ironing to do for Milly and a skirt of mine to hem up and I should be able to pack the case and have a long hot bath and read my book before I make tea.

I may not be as giddy as the girls but am quite excited non the less:-)

See you when we get back!

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