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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Paddington and imparting unwanted information.....

Emily has had gymnastics class this morning and then home for a quick lunch and a bath before out to the Xmas party, she looked very grown up in her party outfit.

She had to wash her hair for the third time this week as she has got nits, she picked them up from her best friend. I have been slathering her hair with conditioner and nit combing then rinsing with 3 essential oils in the rinse water. It has been OK but I have read that neem oil is the best thing and will do the job quickly so today I got a shampoo from the health food shop to try.It has been a bit of a performance to get her to wash her hair so often as she detests having her hair brushed and the tantrums can be a sight to behold if her hair is really tangled. I found out a long time ago that children with dyspraxia have sensitivities to wearing clothes and things like hair brushing so I try to make allowances and stay calm and just get it done as quickly as possible .

We were given a few Paddington Bear books from my Mum and Dad quite some months ago and they got put up on the bookcases with a view to reading later. We have had a couple of story Cd's in the car and have been listening to them the last few weeks and yesterday she picked the books out and we have started Paddington goes abroad.

In the early days of Home edding I made a point to try and get what I perceived as educational benefit from any opportunity and would of brought up where Peru was etc but have learnt that in Emily's case this does nothing but hinder the process as she seems to block any kind of attempt to teach her even in a very informal way and I now hold back any time I feel the need to impart knowledge she has not asked for.

It is a fine line as there are times when we are having a conversation that things crop up naturally in the conversation that widen her knowledge, I think the difference is that they occur as a natural consequence in a conversation she is interested in and is not turned off by any facts or info that come up.

Alan and Emily love Dr who and this week there was a repeat of the one with Shakespeare , we had a chat about him and I reminded her I had got a small box set of Shakespeare books reworked for today's children to give them an introduction to his work and she chose Macbeth and although I think she chose it because of the three witches on the front and thought it was going to be about the three witches in Dr Who we read it and she seemed to enjoy it, we haven't finished but we will probably pick it up on and off alongside the Paddington one.We can sometimes have three going at one time and pick them up according to her mood.

My excitement at finding the way to add bits on down the sides of this blog has faded as although it seemed very easy to do, I have tried quite a few times to add things on to no avail. I had help from a workmate of Alan's on how to do Hyperlinks and I feel I need someone with more experience to talk me through the blog thing!!!! I think my very basic knowledge is holding me back and there is only so much I can do on my own .I managed to get the home ed blog ring on but as yet it has not been allowed I am not sure if it is normal for it to take quite a few days or if it is something I have done wrong!!!!

Anyway I will attempt to do something about it over the next couple of days if I can find time and brain space between buying the tree,decorating the tree,wrapping presents, writing cards, planning the xmas menu's, shopping for xmas food, cleaning the house and finishing the xmas present shopping.

I wish I was 8 and excited as Emily is at the moment.........

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