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Friday, 4 April 2008

Blogging habits.

I have had a case of blogging block!!!
We have done lot's of stuff I would normally have written about and I have sat down to record things and the words just won't come and I haven't had the inclination to try very hard.

The time I have spent mindlessly blog hopping instead of writing over the last few nights has been outside my normal pattern and got me thinking about blogging habits.

I tend to come down and get my hot water and lemon and turn on .I have various blogs I read every day but don't tend to visit them in any particular order.I hop through them but rarely comment first thing,mainly because the old brain is still very fuddled and I may start to write a comment but can't find the right words so end up leaving it, but also that I may run out of time to get through them if Milly wakes.

If Emily still isn't up I will then visit some blogs I don't go to as often or I may click the random on the blog rings for a little variation;-)) All this will probably happen within 1/2 an hour, unless someone has written a very long post.

I rarely post during the day,I will sometimes start after tea if Alan and Emily are doing something but it is normally when Emily goes to bed that I will sit and write.

Through out the day if we are in and I have a few spare minutes whilst having a cuppa or if Milly is otherwise engaged I will flick through again to see if anyone has posted( I have tried to join blog lines so I can get notified when my favourites post, but the confirmation email is never sent to me so I can't confirm the registration)I may also flick through the blogrings,this sounds as if it takes up a lot of my day but in fact it only takes a few minutes at a time,and I find it easier and quicker to do than sitting down and going through them all at once later in the day.
If I have read a post in the morning and thought I would like to comment it is probably at this time that I will leave a comment.I always read the comments on a blog and will often pop in to update on the comments that have been left.I think the comments are as much a part of reading a blog as the post.

I love to get comments and enjoy seeing an email to let me know I have a comment.Is that just too sad? I really do have friends outside of blog land ;-))

Of course to get comments you need to post, so for those of you who like to visit I will get back to it as soon as the fog lifts from my brain and once again fill you in on our day to day stuff ;-)) xx


Stacie said...


I was starting to wonder about you...

I take a break sometimes. I've been so busy with improving my health - researching, experimenting and writing my food diary on CafeMom, that I have neglected my other blog. But we all need breaks too. It's not like this is a job.

And I think we all get excited when we get comments, even though we have full lives in the real world.

So, glad you have a check in with you, and hope to hear from your world soon!


Michelle said...

I was just worried because your other blogs hadn't been updated either. I am VERY good at worrying.

Enjoy your fog :-)

Lynn said...

Thanks for being concerned xx

Grit said...

blog hopping is great... do not feel worried about that! i could sit there for hours, going ugh ugh ugh at all the gruesome sites i find, and ha ha ha at all the fun ones too. it is like a lesson in life, and all on a sunday afternoon.

piscesgrrl said...

I, too, have felt less inclined to blog lately. For me, it's like anything else - I really really enjoy it for quite a while, then I tire of it. I'm not thinking "is this blog-able?" very often anymmore. Oh well.

All things have their season!