"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Juggling whilst blogging....

Trying to juggle a few things and blog at the same time.Multi tasking at it's best.
I have a watercress soup on the go for tomorrows lunch, Emily's tea in mid prep and our tea in the oven.I am also reading the new Sainsbury magazine in between prepping the food and now decided I needed to blog as I remembered The apprentice is on later and probably would be too tired to blog after.Just added in a phone call from my mum as I was dishing up Emily's tea.

Emily is watching a DVD ( the title of which escapes me a the moment).We have been to home ed group and then on to our friends house for a coffee afterwards. E Emily's 14 year old friend presented her with a DVD she had bought for her using some of her birthday money( they had watched the same DVD at their sleepover to celebrate E's birthday a couple of weeks ago)how lovely was that.She is a darling girl in so many ways.

I had a fabulous day yesterday.Alan took time off work as it was my turn to host the meditation group and he usually takes Emily and Beauty out for the morning.He had said last week that I should book in another session with Rezwanna for massage whilst he was off in the afternoon as well, so I leapt at the chance.As it turned out my friend had to bring her sons with her as she didn't have a sitter and once Emily knew that A and L were coming Daddy was going for a walk on his own as she said it would be rude for her not to be her when the boy's came!! So after some discussion the children choose a DVD to watch. We chatted and then said we really should meditate, then chatted some more then said we really should meditate, eventually we did a short meditation after a couple of readings I had found that morning,once again I was amazed at how appropriate the readings I had found turned out to be.I simply flicked through two books and stopped when it felt right and the two passages matched perfectly and then even more of a "coincidence" they were very relevant to the other three girls and the discussion we had, bearing in mind they didn't know what I had found and I had no input into the direction the conversation took at the start.

I think of myself as a very "normal" person but I am very open to alternative medicine and take a holistic approach to my health and am a believer in Angels,so when Rezwanna asked how I would feel about using some healing stones whilst she called on her Angels to help in healing I was totally unfazed and perfectly happy to go along with it.I don't need to know the science of Healing, Meditation or Homeopathy I have had so much personal evidence of them working over the last 9 years that I am convinced about the benefits and I think this has enabled me to accept other "treatments" with a very open mind.

We have just finished tea and as Emily was watching the end of the DVD in the other room we managed to have a good conversation about Parenting methods and the way we want to go as a family.Having read Alfie Kohn Unconditional Parenting I explained to Al the theory behind it and how I thought it would work for us.Al really trusts my judgement and although he hasn't read the book has understood the direction I think we should go in and is more than happy for us to try,he pointed out that taking Emily out of school took him a long time to come round to and he wasn't going to make the mistake of not giving something a go just because it was different to the "normal" methods and traditional parenting styles we have been using up till now.I think the methods will take time to adopt, it is not a "how to" book but gives guidelines for changing the way we can deal with situations,some of which we have adopted over the last few months from info I have read on Joyfuly Rejoycing and Sandra Dodd websites.

Milly is listening to a Lemony Snicket story CD ( she has listened to them all before and is just choosing her favourite ones again in no particular order) Al is washing up and Beauty is being thrown a ball by Emily and is running off across the kitchen and skidding back with it so all conducive to concentration and Blog writing!!!Got to go just can't think straight........


Lisa G said...

Hi Lynn,
Just found your blog after wandering over from 'by other means'! I love reading new blogs especially as old faves stop writing theirs, sob!
Nice to 'meet' you,

Stacie said...

Lynn, I really think you'd like the group, Eating the Angel Way, on CafeMom, since you believe in angels and alternative health.

Grit said...

what a productive time! i love it when everything comes together so neatly and calmly. sadly in the grit household there's usually a big fight afterwards... i'm going to wander round some of the blogs you mention soon ...

piscesgrrl said...

What a great newsy post! It sounds like things are falling into place for you all there. I like the sound of a meditation group. Hmmm... I tend to "go holistic" with my health, too, at least whenever possible.

Oh, and we got Flat Stanley! Jonathan had the greatest grin on his face as he opened him up. We've already introduced Flat Stanley to pokemon and the seeds I just planted. We should've sent him to soccer tonight but since I wasn't going to be there I worried he'd get lost in the shuffle. What a fun adventure! It was great fun to read about his travels so far. Thanks for sending him to us!

Lynn said...

Lisa, thanks for commenting, always nice to meet someone new.I have visited you over the last few months but am a bit of a wimp at leaving comments,now you have broken the ice I will find it much easier to say Hi ;-))

Stacie, I have been interested to follow your blog about eating the angel way,I have let mine slide as I find it hard to keep up the two.I hope to get back to it soon.xx

Hi Grit,
I have found those sites to be hugley beneficial, hope they give you something as well.xx

I am so glad he arrived safely:-))
Quite some years ago a group of sixteen started to meditate together working on healing the chakras, the leader of the group had a family tradgedy and some of us carried on and then it ended up just the four of us, we have gained so much from each other and meditation has changed all our lives.I don't make time for it as often as i should though.xx