"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Friday, 18 April 2008

Sniffles and snuggles

The energy of the last few days has wained and we had to rearrange our plans and instead of a visit to the aquarium and the play park and fish and chips to eat, we have spent today quietly at home.I had a headache and felt as though a head cold was coming on and Milly woke up with a headache,I think she was really in need of a day at home as we have been quite busy each day this week.

We pottered this morning,Milly listening to more Lemony Snicket story Cd's whilst she drew and did other bits and pieces, not taking me up on any of my offers to play games, read to her,or any of the other things I suggested so I got on with some household jobs and then helped her to make a card for a friends sister who is having a party tonight to celebrate her engagement to her girlfriend. Around 12 when I began to feel quite weak I asked if she would like to bring the duvets down and snuggle on the floor in the sun room and watch a DVD so we did just that.I managed to stay awake(just) through Father of the bride 2 and then we have just sat in the dining room together, me on the computer and sending off some postcards then putting some stickers in the Primevil sticker book for her and Milly doing lots of bits and bobs including drawing,listening to CD's(she often tells me what the next line will be or what is going to happen in the story and I am constantly amazed at how many small details she remembers from them, having only listened to them once before) and whittling a pencil down,and creating a few tunes on the keyboard.She has been up and down to look for various soft toy animals and we have been talking about our daemons and what they are up to.

Off to get a very quick tea put together then an early night beckons......

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