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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Silver linings....

The plan for today was to travel to Northumberland to visit and stay over with friends. We were going to watch two members of the family in a play.
It was around November last year that we met for the first time. Time has flown!
We visited them before Xmas last year to see Gary, El and Patrick in The Railway Children - a really fabulous production that I have very fond memories of:-)
 Over the year since then we have spent many, many happy times together. We would have loved to see this years production of Arthur ....
Events conspired against us though and this time we couldn't make it :-(

Milly is under the weather. The actual weather is also a factor because of the unpredictability and possible snow falls.
 And my dad has had a stroke.
Mum had noticed that he was having difficulty with his speech. He was not able to get out what he wanted to say and had also been showing other signs over the last week or so. She got an emergency appointment at the Dr's yesterday and they ended up in A&E. It is a small bleed apparently and after assessment he has been discharged from hospital to attend the stroke clinic on Monday to have a scan and find out what treatment will be needed.

So the weekend has taken on a different shape.
On the bright side ( cos you just have to find that silver lining don't you! ) we got to practise making brownies again today and family members who sampled them gave them a thumbs up:-)) A little bit more practise but we are on our way to being brownie making queens :-))

Alan was at work this morning. I hadn't been able to sleep last night and saw 2.00:-( I woke at 8.00 and couldn't get back to sleep . I eventually got up and pottered about - well mainly sat and drank tea but a little pottering was done:-)) Made Breakfast - for Milly when she got up - which was lunch for me :-) 
This afternoon has seen me and Al doing some housework and also sorting out the garland for the fireplace - it is many years old and looking a little tired... We have put it up and I will get some twinkly lights and buy some bows to give it a new lease of life.

 Milly decided to clean out her room.
She found it tough going as she has a temperature but she had music on and took everything off her surfaces and put them in the hall whilst she dusted and sorted everything out. She took her time and after it was all put back in I vacuumed and put her bedding on for her as she had run out of steam:-)

Another silver lining is that I get to watch the Strictly Come Dancing final. I would have taped it and got to watch it tomorrow but I am enjoying watching it live:-)
Harry to Win!!!


Big mamma frog said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Fingers crossed that this small stroke has been a warning and he can now receive appropriate treatment to prevent any further strokes.

Lynn said...

Thanks Big Mamma :-) xxx

Michelle said...

Hope Dad makes a full recovery. Hugs xx