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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas eve

Well it's that time of year again :-)
 Things are a little different here now that Milly is in the know about you know who;-))
She wavers between extreme excitement and then saying she doesn't feel christmassy at all!

Amy came to sleepover last night and they had a great time getting to bed shortly after me at about 1.30pm. I heard them giggling at 8am and they got up to make toast and tea ( Milly made me one that Alan brought up  ) then they headed out for a run! Amy was in charge of tiring Milly out so she could sleep tonight ;-) Then on their return Alan was ready with Beauty so they could walk for a couple of hours. Whilst they were out I had breakfast and started the housework. They called when they were nearly home and I made eggy bread and beans ready for when they came through the door. The combined activity had tired them out but they then got into the game they had going on with Monster high dolls and Bratz :-) Amy left at 2.15 and then around 2.45 my Nephew ( 15 ) was dropped off to help with the table dec's for tomorrow. I adore Alex and really enjoy his company. We all chatted ( Alan sat with us too ) whilst Milly and I made pouches to put chocolates in to put in each place and name cards for everyone Alex took on the job of making place mats using wrapping paper ( in the red and silver theme ) and the laminator.
They turned out really well:-)

He left and then it was time for a bath and hair wash and into new Xmas jim jams :-) Salmon, roast pots, broccoli and carrots with garlic butter and a glass of wine for tea watching The Big Bang Theory together.

We have had a tradition - started many, many years ago - of taking a walk on Xmas eve to see if we could see Santa's sleigh. Milly still enjoys doing this and was insistent on us going tonight. We didn't actually need persuading. We quite like it too :-) Howling gale and rain meant waterproofs over our PJ's and off we went. Carols sung and the cobwebs blown away back home for a spritzer and some chocolates :-)

Outnumbered is on the cards soon and then I think Milly is going to hit the sack and try to sleep :-)

She has made plans to wake me at 7.00 with a cuppa and pan au chocolate and a big bag of her presents that she wants to open first :-))

All my family is due here for lunch.
Everybody chips in and I have prepared a lot over the last few nights so it should be a doddle :-))

Peace, love and joy xxx


Anonymous said...

Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Here's to a brilliant New Year! xxx

Emmie and Emma said...

just loving the pics!! you have made me laugh with all the happiness you all created, what a wonderful day ...well done for making happen!