"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Acceptance and Vision boards :-)

Today has been a day of two halves...
I woke feeling dreadful after two very hormonal days.

All through the last few days I have been accepting of the way I felt. I chose not to fight it - wishing things were different - and acted accordingly,  by resting as much as possible. I have meditated and had a very early night last night ....
 I have practiced positive thinking and although it hasn't had an immediate magic affect on my mood or physical ailments it has certainly made them easier to bear ;-) 
I am very keen on managing my symptoms as holistically and naturally as possible. I do take medication for Migraines but I also accept that my body is telling me something and I listen to it rather than try to push on through :-) 

I had intended to go food shopping then to the Spa today and spend the day lounging, reading and using the Jaccuzi, steam room and sauna...
However, I read yesterday that it was a free listing weekend on Ebay. I had prepared a load of curtains ready to list on the next free weekend and decided I would better get them done this month rather than wait til the next one. 
So I got on with that whilst Alan went out to get us some food shopping to keep us going for the next few days.

It takes such a long time to list.... well....I suppose that if I didn't keep popping onto other sites in between it might not take quite so long ;-)) 
I have also made a seller account on Amazon and have sold five books in the last week or so. Quite a lot of time is spent researching what they are selling for and deciding if it is worth putting on and trying to compete with the 1p sellers or list it on Ebay... 

I will continue to add more over the next few weeks..

 This afternoon - once Milly got up - has been spent making a turkey lasagne and bathing, hair washing
 ( me) , hair dying ( Milly cyclamen pink ). 
It is much pinker in real life.. This was taken the first time we did it ( using crazy colour ) on Tuesday night and we have done it twice since then :-)

We have had such a good laugh together today and as the day has wore on my mood and symptoms have lifted :-)

Alan spent the day shoveling a ton of gravel to finish the driveway off, mowing the lawns, weeding, and walking Beauty :-) He is relaxing in a bath before we eat and the girls are at the park.

Amy will be sleeping here as tomorrow is the big day... BLACKPOOL here we come. Milly, Amy and I overnight = good fun and roller coasters for them and good fun with coffee and reading for me :-)) 

We get there about 2 o'clock and once we book in to The travelodge ( £19 room deal ) we will head out to explore and then on Monday ( Amy having a day off school ) we hit the Pleasure beach :-) 

I get to sit and read somewhere whilst they go off and get the adrenaline rush :-) 
The plan is to check in with each other regularly and Amy will have her phone too. 

Then home on the train and Alan will pick us up.
He also picks up our new car that night! 

We have had too many problems with our own car ( paying out £900 just before Xmas!! Thank god for overtime at work! ) and had intended to buy another second hand car in the next few months - E bay sales were going to be saved up to go towards it.

We had always said we would never have a brand new car... Mainly because we just never thought we could afford to buy one..
In the next month our tax, insurance and service was due and the car was in need of new tires. Somewhere in excess of £600 would be spent!! A lot of money... so we decided we could make better use of that money and put it into a new ( to us ) car. 
 Time was of the essence though as tax etc is due at the end of the month.

In a conversation Alan had with our Brother in law at the weekend he mentioned that the new fiat Panda has a fabulous payment plan and was within the money we put aside each month for car maintenance and insurance, tax etc...

We decided to set up a visit and set off to the showroom on Tuesday. 
Milly - who was really not keen to spend time sitting whilst we discussed things - chose to go with my Mum and Dad to help my Sister and her Husband who were moving stock for the shop from storage space.
 She had a ball and is keen to repeat it. 
They gave her some fabulous stuff that had been damaged and written off and £10 wages. She was a very happy bunny:-) 

Two and a half hours later - and three cars they had in stock brought from storage to show us - we are the proud owners of a Sunset red Panda with charcoal and sand interior...
I love the colour of the interior.... It has been scotch gaurded so fingers crossed we don't live to regret choosing the light option! 
We had limited choice because of the time scale but we are happy with the car :-) 

The deal means we are paying a monthly amount that is within the amount we already put aside each month for car maintenance, tax etc. 
We make massive savings on tax and insurance too. 
Should be peace of mind for a good few years and at the moment knowing we won't be having any huge bills coming in for the car is a benefit and buying a second hand car wouldn't have given us that. 

One of the things on my vision board ticked off :-) 


Deb said...

I used to have a Fiat Panda - fantastic little car to drive, I really loved it. Every time I see one I have a bit of a pang (it was reposessed and we can't afford to run a car now)

It's so nice to read about how you're coping, and learning to accept things. It's so difficult to do, but on the rare occasions I manage it I usually find it helps.

Millie's hair looks fab :-)

Much love xxxxx

Lynn said...

Hi Deb:-) Nice to hear of your love for the Panda :-) I hope one day soon you get to run another car <3
Accepting things is TOUGH to do :-)

One thing I have realised since I began this positive thinking malarky is that it has a delayed effect and for ages it seems like nothing is shifting then all of a sudden the light is turned on :-)) xxxx

Deb said...

That is very true, and you're a constant source of inspiration too, which helps immensely :-) xxxx

Michelle said...

I try to accept but get very frustrated! Love, love Milly's hair, wish C would try a streak of pink. Think it would look good.

And a BIG LIKE for the car :-).

Lynn said...

Thanks Deb <3

Mich, I have had many years to practice and still don't always manage to accept the limitations I have at the moment ;-) Day be day and constant inspiration from other sources to keep me on track have helped sooo much <3

C's hair would look good and would be sooo gorgeously pink if she did it with her being so fair :-) Milly goes through phases wanting it coloured and then tires of the process and leaves it to grow/wash out til the next time she decides to have it done :-) She had some streaks done by our hairdresser - months ago now - so it is easier to get the lovely bright cyclamen colour but also looks quite good left without colour. xxx