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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Illness, sunshine and driving lessons...

After a very frustrating time coping with a flu like bug ( Milly passed it on to me and Alan has also been suffering but has not had to be off work ) watching the sun shining out side we both managed to get out in it today! I had been out for a while yesterday and Milly had popped out but was still very tired and had little energy.
However today she was keen to go in the pool for a little while.
Alan had done some landscaping at the weekend and the pool was in place but needed filling and the area around it needs planting. 

We have had this pool three years now. The first year after a week the water went green and then the weather was never warm enough to bother filling it again.....

Last year I decided to order a cover and chlorine bobber. We had bought it from Argos but they didn't do a cover. It is 10 ft octagonal in shape and after trying a couple of covers that wouldn't fit I decided to buy one that was too big and cut it down to fit. It took AGES!!! After Alan and I spread it out on the lawn and folded it so we could cut a circle I used nylon thread and began to hem it and add tags on so we could use them to thread nylon string through to hook onto tent pegs. 

Evening after evening last spring I sat in the sun room surrounded by blue plastic sewing and sewing - having to take it easy as it would make my hands swell and the pain was intense if I over did it. 
Here it is in it's second year of use :-))

She sat in the pool whilst it filled. 
After a while though she was flagging and decided to head in and rest.

I made food and left her to watch TV and I went to lay in the Sun. I listened to a guided meditation and some music.On and off through the day she would come out and keep me company .

When she appeared so did two others :-))

We had a card to make for a special Birthday boy who is 53 on Thursday so where better to do it than in the sunshine.

Then back to the sofa for Milly and I spent a very pleasant hour Sunbathing :-)

Views from my spot :-) 

When Alan got home it was off to shop and a driving lesson for me! Oh my goodness how stressful is driving a manual car!!!  Raised voices, hot sun, and Milly who has decided she no longer likes Persephone as she is too small and makes her feel claustrophobic and sick:-(  She really doesn't like change and I think being ill didn't help. Hoping that when things are less stressful for me that she will settle and grow to love the car....

Another drive with Alan tomorrow and then I have an appointment to take Milly to on Thursday so it is solo driving then! 

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