"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Blogging thoughts....

I was thinking today of when I first started this blog.
I had read so many and the idea to do my own had immense appeal when Emily suggested we should start one.I had no clue at all how to set it up but spent ages learning,to be honest it was quite exciting to be learning something new,yes my life is that sad that setting up a blog is exciting:-)

I knew nothing about blog safety apart from the very basics and didn't find too much info when I did a quick search on google.I decided against using nick names, mainly because I am so absent minded I knew I would use our real names without realising anyway.

I also didn't think about whether there was any kind of blog etiquette and whether I should ask people before I put a link to their blog on, that only just crossed my mind the other week.If there is an unwritten rule and I have broken it I do apologise!!

Over the last month or so I have stopped reading as many blogs about unschooling,mainly because I now feel more confident with what we are doing and don't feel the need for the validation I got from reading about other unschooling families.I have a small group of blogs I visit regularly and they give me all I need,some of them aren't following an autonomous route but they are families I met early on in my blog reading and for various reasons I have become attached to them,not in a scary stalker type way you understand:-)

I do wonder how long I will keep this up for.I have got used to sitting here most evenings thinking things through and recording our days.I enjoy sharing what we do and don't see reason to stop any time soon.I have enjoyed "meeting" other families through their blogs and have thoroughly enjoyed having people drop by and comment on here.

All in all this has been a wonderful tool to work through any issues I have had and it has been a great way to record our journey from school to freedom.I am looking forward to writing about what our "education" looks like in the coming months.As the year has gone on I have realised that just as the school system of one size fits all does not work, neither does one method of home education.You must do what feels right for you and yours.


Stacie said...

I'm glad you started your blog,and that I met you! Your blog is honestly one of my favorites, because you post so regularly and you are very straightforward and honest. And it's simple. Just recording your days and your thoughts. I like seeing how other people live and think. Oh, and there are the funny British quips that I enjoy!

I am glad you continue to read my blog, even though I am not really an unschooler. Just a mom trying to find her way and do her best by her son.

You are right, there is so much diversity in the world of homeschoolers. And as in all areas of life, I feel it is best to be open-minded and tolerant, even if our approaches are different.

I hope you blog forever!

Michelle said...

You scared me there! I thought you were going to say that you have decided not to continue blogging!

I dither about our openness and that we probably are really quite easily tracked down should someone wish. Some people password their blogs but I gained so much from reading other people's in the early days that I feel I should have it available for others to read.

It's also lovely when cyber friends become in-real-life friends. You'd be very welcome to stay with us should you want to come down south :-)

Lynn said...

Thank you so much Stacie, that's very kind:))
I intend to keep on for the foreseeable future as I get so much out of doing it.xx

Lynn said...

Things have changed so much since I started this Blog(has it only been 3 months!!!) and I suppose I was just assessing where I had come from and where I want it to go in the future.
I too want to be accessible for the same reasons as you.I also couldn't do it without being as honest or as open as I have been because it is by doing that that I have worked through my muddled thinking.
So I will carry on with my regular ramblings about life with my gorgeous,funny,loving,complex,cheeky,try the patience of a saint,darling daughter:)

Thank you so much for the offer to stay with you and you never know I may just take you up on it:))xxx

rupestur said...

I heart your blog. I'm subscribed on Bloglines and it's awesome to see this daily record on unschooling. I am not sure if I ever commented here, but I read daily!

I had a dream as a little girl about another girl who I'd never met, and her name was Milly. Very fun dreamland pal! :D Makes me happy to see your Milly becoming herself!

Lynn said...

Hi heather,
lovely to "speak" to you.Lovely story about your dream. I have always thought Milly was a special girl(well I am biased) and I like to think that through this blog about her growth she is touching the lives of many we may never meet.Thank you for your support.It has been an incredible three months when I think back to how wound up and stressed I was about "unschooling" to where I am now. I really don't think I would have made the transistion as quickly without doing this Blog.Obviously having the comments was just the best thing but also just giving myself the time to format my chaotic thoughts to enable others to make sense of what was going on has been of immense value.With Chronic fatigue you are mentally and emotionally tired as well as pyhsically and sometimes it takes a while to just unscramble things and put it into words and I know I would have dificulty expressing myself in a real situation without the advantage of cut and paste and lot's of time!!!!!
Your story has kept me coming back for more too..XX

piscesgrrl said...

I, too, thought perhaps you were going to say you're taking a break. That would make me sad, but I'd also understand as that's what I'm contemplating myself. (Notice I'm not posting much right now.) I agree it's been an amazing tool for dissecting thoughts, and feedback from others is wonderful - not to mention the online friendships. Makes me less lonely out here in the cornfields!

Lynn said...

I have noticed you had not been as productive.Is it due to your writing commitments?
I miss you when you don't post I love your mix of humour and insight into unschooling.
I hope you find a solution that suits you.But the blogospere would be a duller place without you:)xx

grit said...

i've probably broken blog rules too. oh dear! i enjoy your blog and hope you continue. and i don't often comment when i've crept around, and will try to do better to say hi and thanks!

Lynn said...

thanks for that.Please do let me know when you have been around.

Commenting is a funny thing isn't it?
I don't often do it and it has usually been when something has really touched me or struck a chord when I have read something on a blog.Then once I have come out and am no longer what I have heard called a lurker(sounds dreadful!!)it somehow gets easier to "talk" to that stranger:)))
By the way I am interested to know if you ever saw that young man again?xxx