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Friday, 7 March 2008

House work what's that?

We had an early start today, we had to be up and out by 10.00!! Now I am always up early and Emily is usually up by 9 at the very latest but somehow psychologically getting ready and out by that time is a rush.How in gods name did we ever managed to be out of the house for 8.15? Well in truth there was always a lot of tension and a lot of nagging and all in all was not a pleasurable experience getting ready for school.

So although it involved getting clothes on earlier than we normally do today, we were relaxed and landed at the vets at the appointed time to get Beauty her Kennel cough vaccine.Thankfully there were no other dogs in the waiting room for her to lunge at. I tend to pick 10.30 as it is a really quiet time.She has her problems but she was very good, she is so lovely with people and the young lady vet gave her a good cuddle before proceeding to shove a plunger up her nose and squirt the vaccine up!!! She then gave her another big cuddle and off we went.

Back home to start some housework.This place is a mess,everywhere needed hoovering,dusting,windows washing,glass doors cleaning, washing hanging on the airer, ironing putting away after a week of sitting on the spare bed,lobby walls washing to remove mud splatters from dirty dog, beds making, bathrooms cleaning, won't even think about Emily's room.So where to start? Well actually no where as it was far more important to help paint plaster fairies:))

As well as painting Milly went on Ed city for a while,then she put on a story CD and did some bead necklaces that ended up too short so became a head dress type thing!!She also used up a whole pack of chewing gum to see how big a ball she could make and it is at present sitting on a plastic plate until she feels like chewing again,how delightful!!

A major thing for her today was that she managed to cut neatly around a figure she had drawn.When she came out of school she wouldn't use scissors and when she did I tried to show her the right way to hold the scissors as she held them in a very strange upside down way,I soon stopped when I realised it just inhibited her using them at all and over the year she has found her own way and today managed to do something that most of us take for granted.

This afternoon we met her best friend off the school bus and she went to hers for tea.

While she was away I sent some emails and went on to the early years web ring and met a few families, one of the blogs(can't remember which one now) mentioned about using some Tesco club cards to get into attractions .I had not thought of this, so I whizzed over to the club card website and saved £40.00 on entrance fee's for our holidays so a big thank you goes to whoever it was:)

Milly has come home I have had a bath washed my hair and as I am doing this she is listening to another story CD and being very productive making bit's and pieces for some Terabithians she has in tow!!!

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