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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Puppy's party, puppet theatre and lot's of books...

When we got up yesterday we had a million and one jobs to do so were geared up to attempt as many as possible.

Alan was going to be tied up all day with an outside task as the post holding up the gate at the side of the house had rotted and needed replacing.

I was having breakfast with Ems and she asked if we could have a birthday party for her new puppy (another imaginary creation).I could have easily put the jobs first but decided to get in to the swing with her and we ended up creating a card,and then made a family tree using all the names she and her friend had come up with the night before,this took us ages but looked pretty good when we had finished.We also baked a cake and Emily made a present of a tug toy using material scraps and elastic bands.
By then it was time for lunch and after that it was time for her and Dad to go into town on a hush hush mission!!Then to pick up a friend to come and watch Stardust with her.We had watched it the other day but her friend had never seen it and Emily was more than happy to watch again.
In the evening we went to see a puppet show in the church hall in the next village it was superb and would highly recommend it if you get a chance to see them.

Although Emily has been watching a lot of TV and DVDs this last week we have also read quite a few books.The funniest have been a trio of books by Roddy Doyle,strange but hilarious.
Al and her have also read Dear max I had seen this over at Green House by the sea where it has to be said I have had a lot of leads for books that I think Emily will enjoy, so thanks to Dani and Allie.
We read Katie meets the Impressionists this morning, and started to re read Mermaid magic for the fifth time. This then set off a mermaid game that lasted until we had to go to my sisters for lunch which was just fabulous, good food, good company and Emily got to see the Donkeys Strudel and Meg and some lambs in the barn. she also went to see the graves of my sisters two cats who she adored and said a prayer for them...
We have also started but put on hold The golden compass The northern lights I think seeing the film so recently she knew the story and wasn't as interested so we will no doubt get back to it at some time.Another beautiful picture book we have enjoyed has been the Little mermaidWe got it from the local aquarium and the illustrations are delightful.
Emily and Al have also re read Marley a funny ,poignant tale of a very boisterous dog and the affect on it's owners life.
So quite a few books read and enjoyed.

I have been back to this post so many times what is going on with blogger it is not saving the bloody thing, now I can't remember the scintillating end to this post...OK it was never scintillating but whatever it was I can't remember it!!!

Do you think I have enough links in this post? LOL, I have come a long way since the first few weeks when I had no clue what to do.Is there an award for the most links in a post?
I have been trying to remember the end but can't so this will have to suffice......


Michelle said...

lol - I was going to comment on your surfeit of links but you got there before me!

We like the Roddy Doyle books.

May try and go to that puppet show - think she'll like it.

Lynn said...

The puppet show was one of the best I have seen.Simple props and set but so watchable and incredibly funny.
Rather a nice looking young American man acting so that helped too :)))) Found out what that means today LOL another tool in my armoury.
Emily and I laughed so much at The Meanwhile adventures by Roddy Doyle.xx

JJ Ross said...

Stardust - we watched it last night, had never even heard of it and LOVED it! Young Son is 12 and a big fan of pirate adventures, like Jack Sparrow and of course The Princess Bride. He would watch this 50 times if we owned it, and I'll bet we will one day soon. . .

Lynn said...

Hi JJ,
Glad you liked it.
One of the many, many benefits I have recieved from reading blogs has been the links to great films and books.I went over board on this post:)Emily has been re watching many films she has not seen for a while and is definately "into" visual stimulation at the moment.xx