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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Blog awards(finally)

I was very kindly awarded these awards quite some time ago by Colleen at the new unschooler and Stacie at Learning as we go.Due to my complete technical incompetence I was unable to get the awards onto here!! But finally after attempting various things and then forgetting about them for some time, I did it :-) The only problem is I can't quite remember exactly what I did, I think I right clicked on the image and saved as....
I have to pass each award on to ten other blogs and would like to pass them both on together to the following ten blogs.I originally found all these blogs through links on other blogs and have continued to visit regularly and have been helped immensely reading their stories.

Michelle at To the Manor Born
I started to read this blog when we took Emily out of school and was hooked.I saw so many similarities between our two children,the most obvious one was that her daughter is an only child and it was so important for me to see how it could work with an only child.She writes honestly ,with humour and great detail.She has been incredibly supportive and gave me my first comment to welcome me when I started off.I hope one day to meet outside of blogland!!

Grit at Grits Day
I laugh so much at grits day,I absolutely love her humour and style.
She has serious moments,she writes so well.I am intrigued and want to know so much more about her.I go back each day to follow the life of a home edding mum of triplets.

Dani and Allie at Green House by the sea.
This is another blog I started reading in the early days.I got so many tips on great books to read and have discovered the wonderful Roman mysteries series from them,Emily got so much from those books in our early days at home.It was so good to read in such detail what an autonomous education could look like.

Gill at sometimes it's peaceful.
A blog with subsections!!each one of them interesting.I have followed this blog since my early days at home as well.Autonomous education of teens at one end of the scale and tots at the other and how that works had me hooked.I have learnt a lot from reading over the year about trust and acceptance.

Heather at Embracing the strange.
Heather has two small children and I found her by a link from another blog.We are going through a similar journey and I am enjoying reading about her efforts to parent peacefully and unschool.

Merry at Patch of Puddles.
I think this could have been one of the first blogs I read.Home educating 4 children, running a business and all the info on her site for me to go through.As with all the other families I have met through their Blogs I became attached and love to follow them.

Lucy at By other means
As I have done with most of these Blogs I started reading and then went back through archive material.Got loads of ideas and loved the pictures of their gorgeous place and also the yummy food and although I am not a vegetarian or vegan they could tempt me!!

Arun at The parenting pit.
He has provided me with so much material to mull over.He writes with great humour and gave me a great article for Alan to read from a male perspective.

Nikki at Happily home edding.
Lot's of great links and ideas of things to do.Another only child so again a blog I was very interested in to calm my irrational fear about Home edding an only child.

Emily at Golden Daemons.
She has enjoyed doing her blog and although it has tailed off a little at present, I am sure there is more to come.

Others I would have given would have been Laura at wistful wanderlust and Sally at Happy at home, but they have already been awarded and I wanted to spread the love around a little:))

To save me time there are already links to all of these on my sidebar if anyone fancies a read.


Lucy said...

Thank you so much - your blog looks very interesting too... will enjoy following you on your journey :)

Lynn said...

Hi lucy,
feel free to pass on the award or not as you see fit.Thanks for being there you helped a lot.xx

Michelle said...

Oh my. Gosh. What a lovely end to a pretty grotty weekend.

Thank you.


Lynn said...

Hoped it would cheer you up:-)
You really have been a great on- line friend and your comments have helped and also made me laugh.
This Home ed lark is not all plain sailing.Before we took Emily out of school,people used the way we parented as the reason she was so sensitive, now home ed just gives them another reason to put her clinyness down to.People will have thier opinions no matter what.
You know what is best for C listen to your heart and Don't let the buggers get you down;-)))xxxx

Gill said...

That's very kind of you Lynn, thank you xx A lovely compliment!

Lynn said...

You are more than welcome Gill,I have enjoyed reading for so many reasons,you really are an inspiration and I love your ability to just get on and give things a go!!
I thought hard about passing on these awards they don't seem to be something that happens so much here although I see them a lot on American blogs,but I like the idea of spreading the love there is not enough of that in the world;-))