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Friday, 29 February 2008

Flat stanley,Fun shopping and Tears at teatime...

Flat Stanley had his first outing with us today.(we have been going out and forgetting him and when we have remembered Emily hasn't wanted to take him as she has been scared that he would get torn or lost)I know he could hardly contain himself today, we made him a special cardboard pouch so he would be safe and off we went to B&Q!!!!! You will have to click on the picture to see Stan as the wind was so strong Emily had him close to her and of course Dog(scruffy to his friends) had to be in the picture.
He came to Morrison's with us as well but all the excitement had quite worn him out so he decided to stay in his pouch.

I had planned to go to a local Animal World today but Milly was tired,due to the fact she was hyper last night and couldn't get to sleep so came down to finish listening to her story CD whilst I watched Masterchef,(brilliant)so she didn't want to go anywhere.....

So after a bit of this and a bit of that, mainly drawing, we had a bath and washed hairs and got ready to go for the shopping which we couldn't get out of as Alan needs some cement to be able to start a repair job on a fence post first thing in the morning. We had a great time, Milly was in good spirits and miraculously so was I!!!!
Good chat whilst we had lunch about blood diseases and anti coagulants used by Mosquito's when they bite amongst other things.Fun while trailing the aisles in Morrison's and back home for ten minute rest before picking up Milly's best friend for tea.They spent nearly an hour writing down the imaginary puppies they have and deciding on their names, then watched Bridge to Terabithia while eating tea.I had not realised it was a really sad film and walked in to check on them to find Milly in tears and her friend holding her hand and nearly in tears, so I sat and held both of them and nearly cried myself it was so moving.

Emily is now watching Ice road Truckers on five with Al. A friend had mentioned it to her at the food coop and he is soooo into it, he obviously did a good job selling it to her as she was keen to watch.

We stopped off at a neighbours house on our way home from Emily's friends house, they have a puppy who is a little boisterous and I saw her recently with a harness on and she seemed to have so much more control so I wanted to ask her where she had bought it as I had not seen one.Although Beauty is very good on the lead when she does lunge it would be good to have more control.We have used a gentle leader head collar but when she lunged it was still allowing her to get forward whereas this you can hold at her shoulders.She invited us in( Emily and friend in heaven, 9 cats and a very lively chocolate retriever) and showed it to us and then said I could borrow it as she wasn't able to take the dog out at present as she was in heat and she was so strong that even with the harness on they were scared she would pull her over so her husband took her out and didn't need the harness.How kind.Al and I tried to fit it tonight but couldn't see quite how it went, it looked so easy when she showed me on her dog!!!Try again tomorrow, having found the suppliers website and got instructions..


My name is Stacie. said...

The Bridge to Terebithia was so sad!

So...tell me more about this tea time of yours...Do you do it everyday at the same time? Do you stop what you're doing and sit down and have a nibble? How long before supper do you do it? Is it just tea or a snack too?

Educate this ignorant American, if you don't mind! ;-)

Lynn said...

Hey you are most definately not ignorant, as this topic has many of us brits confused!!!!!

I usually call Tea our evening meal and we normally eat at around 5-6pm.We usually have our most substantial meal in the evening, but not always!!!!
I then set about trying to explain our different terms for lunch/dinner and got myself confused!!!
Here is part of an article I found which answers the confusion around our mealtimes.Hope it helps.

Gareth Rees:
Well Pia, thank you for asking a question about my favourite topic, food and meals during the day. The expressions you've chosen - lunch, supper and dinner, belong to a larger set which includes words such as breakfast, tea and brunch. I'll be talking about those later.

The expressions do relate to the time of day that you eat the meal and the type of food and the size of the meal. That's why it can get confusing.

First of all, breakfast. This is simplest; it's the first meal of the day in the morning.
In the middle of the day, you might have lunch or dinner. Lunch sounds more informal or more typical, particularly for people who are working.

In the evening, you might have dinner or supper. I think that people who have a quick lunch in the middle of the day will say they have dinner in the evening and this dinner will be a good meal.

A supper is usually a light meal and is probably had after a larger dinner has been had in the middle of the day.

Confused? Well most people see a dinner as a more complete meal. A common lunch in England is a sandwich, but dinner might include soup, meat with vegetables, and then a dessert like apple pie and ice cream. So, dinner is really the main meal and people might have it in the middle of the day or in the evening. Lunch and supper are both light kinds of meal. Lunch is in the middle of the day, supper is in the evening.

Now I mentioned there are some other meals. We talked about breakfast. Two more words that you could add to your list are brunch and tea. Brunch is a mixture of breakfast and lunch, as you can tell by the sound of the word: 'brunch'. And people usually have brunch as a replacement for both lunch and breakfast. Brunch is usually had at about 11 o'clock.

And the final word is tea. Now of course this is a drink, like tea and coffee, but it can also be a light evening meal. I think this word is often used in families, particularly with their children. "It's tea time", "It's time for tea!" This means their small evening meal.

To finish, it is of course unusual to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea and supper all in one day. But let me tell you, not impossible. And from that comment you'll understand that I have the ideal physique and dietary habits for radio and the internet and not for TV.

Gareth Rees has been an English language teacher and teacher trainer for over 10 years. He is currently a lecturer at London Metropolitan University and his first course book for English Language learners is due to be published in 2007.

Michelle said...

I have a problem deciding what to call the main meal mid afternoon. ie it is too late to be called lunch and too early to be dinner, yet is larger than a supper or a lunch and tea is what I have in a mug.

We have it at about 3pm and then will have leftovers, snacks later.