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Monday, 4 February 2008

Manic monday

I will never again fall into the trap of thinking Emily does not need ideas of things to do, even if she appears to be fully occupied.

For ages now I have been wondering how much input she needs from me.The conclusion I have come to is that there is no set answer as some days she is quite happy doing what she does and really doesn't want to do the things I suggest, however other days it seems she is happy enough to do her own thing yet will gladly get involved in activities I suggest.Today was such a day.

After a bit of Tv this morning we made Pancakes(she loves them and as it is pancake day tomorrow they were on her mind) she has syrup and chocolate spread and rolls two pancakes together and eats with her hands, chocolate and syrup oozing out.

It was then time for Milly to go for a little play upstairs whilst I got straightened up in the kitchen .She came down for something and in passing I mentioned about the tie dye kit and she wanted to do it stright away so we set about it.The mixing of the dye was a lengthly process and I was surprised to still have her attention at the end of it.We had had a slight acting/make up artist, interval whilst the red dye was used as a bottle of blood in conjunction with a knife and "massive wound on her arm".

We had a bit of a technical problem with the bottle the dye was in and so in between trying to get the bleeping dye to come out of the bleeping sqeezy bottle she made Avatars, she has become quite an expert at transfering them onto a word document.After a day with her older friend on saturday she came back with a love of Mcfly and Danny in particular so the Avatars are versions of the band with girlfriends in various outfits.
Eventualy we ended up with two socks with dye on in plastic bags to leave for 24/48 hours so will share results then!!!

Immediately after finishing them it was onto an avatar lesson for me with lots of reading and spelling needed from Milly and I was more than happy to sit a while, then onto Ed city.She had a go at one she really hates where the word is shown and you have to remember the spelling,she gave up after getting very frustrated although since last time I played it with her she must have had a go on her own and adapted it to help herself as she had started to write the answer down before it was taken off so she did not have to actualy remember it, not cheating just a smart move I thought!!Club pengiun then needed some attention as some puffles may have been dying!!

I made us some lunch.At the moment she loves Pannini toasted with ham and cheese, this love may last for a week or a month who knows but she wolfed them down today.

I mentioned that we hadn't done any painting for a while and would she like to paint a canvass " oh I would love to ,I love painting so much",this from the girl who swore blind (just last week it was, I think)I don't like using paints!!!!!

It's a skyscraper Emily thinks Great Nana's new nursing home is going to look like.Milly wasn't happy with a part of it so painted the car park on the left out on later, She is wearing a swim siut because as we were dealing with inks earlier she took her clothes off and then decided a swimsiut would be better than just knickers!!!

I had left a window art kit on the table a couple of days earlier but she had not been keen to do it.As I turned my back to put the paintbrushes in the sink she had torn it open and was ready to do a suncatcher.She had a short break whilst doing it to go and play for a while ,here is the finished article.

Time to prep for tea, and Emily got ready for Al coming home as she wanted to go for a walk with him and Beauty. She came back from the walk telling me that she was Edmund Hilary and Dad was sherbert!!! They had gone up a very steep hill going out of the village and She can sometimes dawdle here but Al had got her talking about mountains and challenges and Edmund Hilary and she had started to call him Sherbert....

Tea for Milly as Al had a cuppa and I took time to have a meditation.It is the first one for ages but I am determined to find the time somewhere as I know it can help enormously,well alongside looking after myself in other ways too, such as not overeating all the wrong things,but thats an issue I really have to tackle when my mind is in the right place !!!On to Brownies for Emily and She will be back any time now.Emily has also spent time with me putting pictures on her blog so there are more to see over there if you would like to.Here.
What a day!! Any suggestion I made was taken up.This may not happen all the time and perhaps not every suggestion I make will be taken up but it has cetainly reinforced the fact that I should just keep offering


My name is Stacie. said...

I think that sounds like a brilliant day! I love all the art. My son is not into art projects very much, but that could always change. Is Emily your only child? I have only one and think that unschooling is probably more exhausting with one than more than one, as I am Levi's only playmate. But I am adapting, and enjoying and learning to relax and play more. Love your blog!!!! Are you British? I just love the words that are different from what I'm used to, such as knickers and straight away and whilst!

Lynn said...

Hi there,
Yes Emily is an only child we had her after 18 years of marriage.I would agree that an only child is in more in need of your time to "play" and I have to admit that I adore the art and crafts and reading and baking but do struggle to play imaginary games with barbies etc for long periods of time!!! I am British and it is so funny to hear you talk about the words we use.
I have enjoyed writing a blog and find that I would love to learn more about the craft of storytelling so that may be something I will do in future.XXX

My name is Stacie. said...

I bet you'd be a bloody brilliant story-teller! ;-) Does it bug you when we Americans try to copy your accent? I know we probably butcher it.

Alison said...

sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Lynn said...

Stacie you are too kind!!
No I don't mind others immmitating my accent,it is quite amusing to hear an English accent on films sometimes but then I have heard many diabolical American accents by brits too...

Hello alison
It was a particularly good day, most enjoyable.

Emily said...