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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Sickness, Sorrel,and simple pleasures.

Alan has been off work today.He was a love and got up to let Beauty out this morning and then went back to bed after feeding her.It is normally 6.00am when he is getting up and going out for a walk so if she gets left much after 7.00am she can have an accident.

Emily has a new friend called Sorrel who is a plague victim and has been around all morning as we have been getting ready, she came shopping with us and to the hospital and the dentists!! As we sat down to lunch in Morrisons she said, what should we talk about mummy, ah I know Sorrel,I then (due to tiredness and a minor blip in the tact department)said Oh let's not, let's talk about something else.She was ok at the time but has since told Alan on the walk this afternoon that she feels I have been very detatched from her today she knows I am a little grumpy because I am tired but she was very upset when I blanked Sorrel as she is her second best friend in the world!!Some grovelling to do I feel.I do love the imagination that she uses in these manifestations but they can be quite tiring or is that just me been a bad, exausted, fed up mother. The latter I feel!!!

It wasn't the Pediatrician today , I got muddled it was ENT (Milly had Glue ear and the tonsil problem causing the sleep apnoea) her hearing is slightly under par but he feels (as I do) that she is growing out of it and there will be no need to have grommets fitted again.I would not have had them done again even if he had felt it was necessary.We had them fitted in the first place because she was having difficulty at school hearing the teachers etc and it also affects childrens behaviour quite significantly when the hearing is reduced.The reasons we had them fitted in the first place are not valid any more.

On to the dentist's and a little decay in her molar which will require a temporary filling and a referral to the orthadontist as she will need to wear a brace at some time and he wanted an opinion on if it would be best to do it now or wait a while.She has very large teeth and they are going to overlap and her front teeth don't quite touch top and bottom.Obviously due to dummy sucking but is not as bad as it could be.She has no problem about wearing a brace.

We waited over an hour at the hospital and had to dash to the dentist in another town and then waited over half an hour at the dentists and got caught in traffic so didn't make it to recorder.Emily was very happy but I was miffed thats another £6.00 down the drain.She has decided not to go back next term and it would serve no purpose to force her.The money we save each week can be used on an outing instead.

As we had time to fill in between lunch and the hospital appointment we went to the libray and chose a few story CD'S and a story book about a plague victim.Milly than chose books for me to read to her.They were picture books and one was called I love it when you smile. I read it and was watching her face as we went through the very simple story and she absolutely loved it and at one point towards the end she grabbed my hand with excitement at what was about to happen in this really lovely simple story and her face was a picture. I love that she can read(listen to Cd)and understand the complexities of a Phillip Pullman story and yet still get immense enjoyment from a simple picture book.

Have joined the Early years webring tonight, I hadn't tried before as we have passed the early years stage but it seems it will accept us. I have had a brief look around the blogs there but need to find time to have a better look.I have had the Home ed uk blog ring one on here since the 10th Dec and as yet it is still not approved . Is it likely I have done something wrong even though the sign is here? Could you let me know if you have any idea about these things....

My spellchecker has not been working and I have got fed up looking things up so I apologise for what may be numerous mistakes.

For no other reason than they serve as a reminder of how lucky we are to live in this part of the world some pics that Alan and Emily took on a recent walk.

Emily has a good eye for a photo and as with everything else that she does these are taken with little planning or hesitation but she seems to get a good shot every time.

Alan obviously took this one although he must have had a problem finding her with that camoflage on !!!!

Click on this to enlarge it, it was getting dark as she took this one and it has a really interesting effect, it almost looks like a painting..


My name is Stacie. said...

I do the same thing to my son sometimes. Tell him I really don't want to talk about his most recent gaming adventure or the story behind all his Bionicle Legos. I feel guilty sometimes too, but on the other hand, sometimes I just want to talk about something else. I don't think it's entirely a bad thing. He does have to learn to listen to what others want to talk about as well.

And great pictures. Your mountains look different than the ones we have around here. Do you live in the country?

Maddy said...

I'm so glad that the days of constant ear infections seem to have passed. [or did I just jinx myself?]

"Whittterer On Autism."

Lynn said...

Stacie we do have to have a balance usually but when a new "creation" appears there is great excitement and an innability to quit!!!Milly takses things much hareder than most and I try to be a little more tactful but I accept your point it is not the end of the world for her .
We live in the Lake District which is full of Hills and lakes and is a beautiful part of the world if a little wet.xxaggsr

Lynn said...

Hi Maddy,
I got a shiver when you mentioned the "ear infections" quite a nightmare going through so many when she was younger.
Is your child older now?
nice to "meet" you.xx

Lynn said...

Just looked back at some of the spelling my excuse is that it is toooooo early and my brain is not yet in gear!!! No honestly.....

Michelle said...

Clo wants Flat Stanley to visit Emily. Do you think you would like him next? We won't be offended if you say no, I'll just post an announcement back on the eo list.


Emily said...


Michelle said...

Oh lovely! If you email your snail mail addy to chloe@frigate.plus.com we'll finish our page in the diary and send him on.

piscesgrrl said...

That last picture is lovely! Of course, the pink camoflage *rocks* big time too.