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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fat lip....

Milly and Alan have taken to going out to the trampoline for 20 minutes, half an hour or so bouncing each night.

Some time ago it morphed into a boxing/self defense type thing and Emily just loves it,she is really strong and her hand eye co-ordination has come on in leaps and bounds and she is getting through Alan's defences more often:-)She has always loved real physical rough and tumble with Alan.She has said she doesn't want to go to any Karate, Judo or kick boxing class at the moment,so we have been trying to come up with ideas to let her enjoy it at home.We were talking about getting some pads and gloves and possibly a punch bag so she could box and kick it.

Alan got up early on Sunday and headed off to the car boot sale and found two lots of boxing gloves for Emily and a punch ball on a stand for the princely sum of one pound:-)She loves them and is keen to get a heavier punch bag so she can practice kick boxing.

So tonight off on to the trampoline at 7.30.

8.00 back in with a fat lip!! No they haven't taken to full on boxing!! Apparently they were trying some body throws and she flopped face down and struck her face flat on the trampoline resulting in a fat lip and a few (only a few) tears:-(

She has however no intention of giving up:-)

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Michelle said...

Bargain hunting hubby you have!

Hugs E for the lip xx