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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Street entertainment,rolling down hills and midnight snacks

Have just got back after a rather nice evening.

We took Emily and two friends to Carlisle for an evening of outdoor entertainment.
There were bands playing and street performers which all sounds good but it didn't quite work.

As we were walking down to the area the stage was set up,Alan noticed one of those statues that move!! The guy was very good and as Emily and A went to put some money in his bowl they had a giggle as he moved and squeaked and stuck his tongue out at Emily each time she looked away.I got sat at a table and Al went off with the girls to see a circus performers further up the street,while I did some people watching.

There were wide aisles either side of the tables and a stage where the band played down in the distance.Some interesting looking food stalls selling Paella,hog roast and other delicacies(we had had tea as I knew they would be charging over the top prices and this weeks budget just wouldn't stretch to it).

I saw some of the roaming acts around but they didn't come close to where our table was to get a good view.The crowds increased and it became impossible to see the act that were performing in front of the stage.Luckily they were an acrobatic troupe from Catalonia and they built towers so high that I could see them above the crowds!! There were a lot of people in the same boat and they were resorting to standing on chairs and tables to get better views.Emily and the girls were a little bored by this time so rather than dragging it out we decided to head home.I had been keen to see the finale at 10 which involved drummers walking through the crowds and then a human mobile being hoisted high into the sky by a rather enormous crane, but that meant waiting two hours!!

We got back in the car and were due to go home as the girls are staying over.We decided to stop off for essential supplies(wine,sodas,and cheesy puffs!!)and then I asked them if they would like to do something on the spur of the moment the only thing being it couldn't cost money.They were stumped but jumped at my idea to take a detour and head to the beach.Much talk about getting out for a paddle and getting wet!!

We got there and Emily and A got out to go and play on the large expanse of grass at Silloth common.They went up a hill and I was sure they would roll down but they didn't.E got out to give them the nudge and decided to get one more roll down a hill in even though she is a super cool 15 year old:-) They came back to the car and Alan took them down to the shore but they weren't long before they came running back.The three of them then spent 45 mins or so playing Robin hood/lord of the rings around the green and wooded area.Alan and I sat in the car watching and chatting.

A giggly drive home and now Alan is watching football in the sun room I am on here and the three girls are in the living room with frequent visits through to refuel.

I have homemade potato wedges cooking for a midnight snack with mayonnaise or Tomato sauce (or both if desired!!)and all is well.


Mrs Boho said...

Sounds like a lovely evening and home made potato wedges to finish? Simply delish!

Shirl x

Hannah said...

That sounds like so much fun!