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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Fools day competion falls flat

Last year we purchased a yearly pass for Muncaster castle which ran out at the end of April.When we met Michelle, Marcus and Chloe there last week,we decided to buy another one and vowed to make sure we got the use out of it this year, regardless of the weather.

So for our first trip,we went with Emily's best friend A,her Mum and sister and brother to see the annual fools competition.We were a little late setting off due to a prior arrangement to help out at the local food co-op.

It was much busier than last year and we realised why, when they announced that a Blue Peter presenter was to perform.Unfortunately we couldn't get anywhere near the stage to see any of the acts:-( They had not put out any more seating than I remembered being out last year,even though it had obviously been trailed on TV,not very impressed to say the least.De ja vu after a similar experience in Carlisle on Sunday.

Anyhow, although it was disappointing, we made the most of things and enjoyed the other entertainers mingling with the crowds and the usual bouncy castles,trampolines etc.

I was sitting at a table while A and her family went round to see the owls and a lady joined me and we got chatting.We had a very good discussion about home ed and I then met her husband and found out they were both teachers.Their 8 year old and Emily and A had a good play while we discussed it.I'm not sure they were going to rush back and take her out of school after our chat, but I did get the impression that it was something they had thought seriously about,that it could be a future possibility and it had helped meeting Emily and chatting about what we did.

Milly coped really well today even though she was very tired and very cranky.When she is tired she can become quite distant and it can be harder for her to connect.

When we went to bed last night she took a torch and her new.Manga comic book.I heard some rustling some time during the night and wearily opened one eye thinking she had put on the torch, I couldn't see any light so dozed off again.Apparently she had woke and put on the torch and read under the covers.This is the first time for months and months that Emily has read anything by herself.She said she stopped after an hour but was awake until 3.30 because we were snoring so much!!!!I went to wake her at 9 this morning and she was sitting reading it again.I bought it because she is interested in Manga art and as it is comic form I thought it might be easier to read.Seems to be a hit,just bad timing that we had a busy day planned for a tired bod.....

We spent 5 hours there and by the time we were walking back to the car we were all pleasantly shattered......

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Michelle said...

She must have been really tired.

Just spotted the dedication on the beach photo. I do really love that pic. xx