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Friday, 8 May 2009

Ferret watch...

After I posted on Thursday Alan went up to bed and I sat on here a while.Emily came racing through to say there was a stoat in the garden and could she have some meat to put out for it!!

I went through and got some ham from the fridge and she put it out near the sun room doors.She turned off all the lights inside and put on the outside light and the three of us settled down with a cuppa to see if it would return.To our great excitement it did!! This is a picture from the Internet but it was similar to this one.

It ate the ham and then moved away so we tried a raw egg next and sure enough it came back.It showed no fear of Emily as she put the egg on the patio and I realised it could not be a wild animal but was more likely to be an escaped Ferret.

The other thing was that earlier on I had let Beauty out into the back garden and E had said she thought something was chasing Beauty around the garden,as I couldn't see anything I said she sometimes runs around like a loon chasing her tail and that was probably what she was doing,now seems highly likely she was indeed being chased!!

We sat mesmerised by this little creature for over half an hour.Milly was desperate to "rescue" it and try to set a trap using our cat carrier.It was 12 at night and I was way too tired to attempt to go in the one cupboard that has not yet had the declutter!! The cat carrier was on a very high shelf and who knows what else would have fallen out along with it so that was one of the reasons I decided it would not happen then, but suggested we try again in the morning when I had a chance to talk to a vet who might give us some advice.

Emily slept late and I went in at 9.45 and she slowly opened her eyes and as I knew it would be, the first word from her was Ferret!!I have to explain that alongside Emily's adoration of all animals this was particularly special because Pan(her daemon she has had since watching the Golden compass)often takes the form of a ferret or stoat:-)

I rang the vet who put me in touch with a lovely ferret man;-)He said it was likely to have moved on now but if it was still there it would be ok to feed it and it should be possible to pick it up if it wasn't afraid.

As yet it hasn't returned but Alan and Emily have set up camp in the sun room on ferret watch!! As they are waiting they are working through this book about demi gods part of the Percy Jackson series.Lots of crosswords word searches etc.

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Michelle said...

That is exciting! LOL at your non decluttered cupboard. I think you should post a pic of that to make me feel a bit better - your house pics look gorgeous and I've been looking around ours a tad despondently!

Although kitchen is ok (as had guests for w/e who had not visited before) and then the Beans came on Wednesday and commented at how tidy the kitchen is!

Not so much a room of doom here (Petits Haricots expression I've copied). Have house of doom and one nice room!