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Friday, 22 May 2009

A pretty relaxed week..

We have had a lovely week:-0

Monday was pretty relaxed, a little housework and spending time together on and off reading/playing.

Met up with Michelle,Marcus, and Chloe on Tuesday.They had lunch here,the girls had time to have a play in the garden and then we went off to Wordsworth house. We had a great time.Milly acted out a character called Lorna .Her and Chloe were able to sit in the back office at the clerks desk and write with a quill pen and then a member of staff helped them seal it with wax.In the children's bedroom the girls were able to dress up,unfortunately although they had told me it closed at 5 they steered people out into the gardens earlier, so play had to be cut short.We then went for a cuppa and a cake to a nearby hotel.Play on the park for the girls and then we had to say goodbye :-( We really enjoyed their company and I do hope we get to meet up again at some stage.

Wed was supposed to be Home ed group,as I was making the sandwiches to take with us Milly asked if we had to go and I said not at all and we could just stay at home in our PJ's so that is exactly what we did.Can't remember much of what we did but it didn't involve much movement:-)

Thursday my mum and dad came over for lunch and then later in the afternoon we picked up E from drama club and she stayed over.I stayed up chatting to the two of them and got to bed around 12.

It was 10.30 before the two of them woke this morning and shortly after that E was picked up and we spent the morning quietly and washed hairs etc before heading off to pick up A from school.She had been on a 4 day residential and was quite tired but they had a good play until she was picked up at 7.Alan had been to drop off my sister and family at Penrith station and after he had his tea we all played a game called Anotomix
Emily is not a great board game fan and this can be quite a slow game so we ended up making our own rules up to complete the jigsaws and then because she adores answering questions she wanted me to ask her 20 and she got 17 right.Alan was next and he only got 14 right.I must get the Egyptians game because I think it is a similar thing to Anatomix and Romans
where questions are asked.I also think she would enjoy it if I took the questions with us and used them as a game to play while waiting anywhere when we go out(note to self!!)

So here we are a Friday night,Alan has watched Have I got news for you while I sat and read to Emily whilst she had a bath and then he has gone up to bed with her while I have some time to blog and watch TV or read or indeed both:-)

Saturday we are hoping to spend sorting the garden out.I have not got anything planted in my veg garden and I need to look at what I can actually hope to grow and get it in PDQ.

I am taking Alan out to the Cinema whilst E babysits and then stays over.We are going to the early showing and won't be late back.

On Sunday we are going into Carlisle to see an event organised by Lakes alive sounds good and is free so might as well go along and check it out.We are taking Emily's friend A and possibly E and they will come back here for a sleepover.It will be very late by the time we get back so I am planning a day of rest on Monday!!

Alan and Emily have plans for a walk round one of the lakes and then they are picking my sister and family up from the train station.


SE'LAH... said...

A relaxing week...what a concept.

I wish I could take that stroll around the lake...there's always such relaxation near the water's edge.

globeonmytable said...

We like Have I Got News For You too.

Michelle said...

"I do hope we get to meet up again at some stage". Ditto :-) xx