"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ferret song

Alan and Emily sat in the sun room on Ferret watch till 11.30 but still no sign of it:-(

However a musical masterpiece was created;-))

(sung to the Tune of "I am sailing" by Rod stewart)

I am waiting
I am waiting
for the ferret to show itself.
it showed itself last night
but went away
so i am hoping that it will come back today

I am waiting by the doorway
waiting for the ferret to show itself
my excitement, my excitement, to see the ferret, i can't contain.....